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Thread: Dolphin Nautilus vs Aquabot Jr

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    Dolphin Nautilus vs Aquabot Jr

    I'm looking for a new pool cleaner. I previously had an Aquabot solo that lasted a few seasons before the main pump stopped working. I had to replace the tracks several times and treads once in the time span I had it. But since the pump was fairly pricey to get working, I ended up going back to manually vacuuming for a few seasons. Which brings us to this season.

    I ordered the Hayward Aquanaut (totally different type of cleaner)...I was thinking it had less parts to break and would last longer. But after getting it, it wouldn't climb out of my deep end (20x40x8deep pool). So I sent that back and in the mean time decided a robotic cleaner makes sense because I could run that and save some $$ running the pool pump as often.

    Last week I purchased an Aquabot Jr. It showed up without a bottom assembly and filter bag in the box. But I had the bottom and bag from the old Aquabot and was able to try it out. It ran for two cleaning cycles and on the second day, it would no longer move (pump worked, but tracks wouldn't move). I think it was doing a decent job for the day it worked...although I was reminded that I always felt the Aquabot spent more time on the walls than it needed to. Anyways, it stopped working on day 2 and I sent it back.

    So...I'm back to researching. I don't want to spend more than I have to in order to get a reliable pool cleaner. Hence I'm looking at lower end price points. I think the fancier it is, the more likely to break. My feeling is the life span of any of these is about 3 years. (I live in that equates to about 9 months of service life ).

    I'm considering giving the Aquabot Jr. another try. Or possibly if the feeling is Dolphins have a better life span, then maybe giving the Nautilus a try.

    I'm interested in hearing opinions about these two cleaners (companies) or suggest other cleaners that I haven't considered but should.

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    Re: Dolphin Nautilus vs Aquabot Jr

    Welcome to the forum Jim! wave:

    Someone with a Nautilus will weigh in soon I'm sure. Good luck, and enjoy the forum.
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    Re: Dolphin Nautilus vs Aquabot Jr

    Hi jimsflies,

    I have a Nautilus and i run it a lot in our long season here in Texas. Im into my 2nd season with it, so I cant speak as to the longeviety of it. If it lasts at least 3 years or longer, I will consider it a success. I have no complaints about the Nautilus at all.
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    Re: Dolphin Nautilus vs Aquabot Jr

    So any sense of quality difference between the Nautilus and Aquabot?

    I read somewhere that the Nautilus is less serviceable than the Aquabot. Granted if the main pump goes out, it probably debatable if they are worth replacing.

    I'm also wondering about the bags versus filters. It seems like the filters are quite a bit more expensive than 3rd party bags if they need to be replaced?

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    Re: Dolphin Nautilus vs Aquabot Jr

    Its too bad forums have become so difficult to get discussions going (I notice this trend on a lot of them these days).

    Still hoping for some discussion regarding the Dolphin versus Aquabot brand...and the two models mentioned above. My main concern being whether one is better quality...and less likely to have issues than the other?

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