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Thread: Help with clearing foamy water issue

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    Help with clearing foamy water issue

    Hi there - I have searched this forum extensively as a new pool owner, but never posted. I have been doing really well so far, but have apparently taken some bad advice from the pool store (shame on me) and need some advice on next steps.

    My pool facts:
    In ground, gunite with black marble pebbletec with attached spa (completed 12/2014)
    variable speed pump
    in line chlorinator
    DelOzone ozone system
    17,685 gallons

    Test results as of 6/4 @12:30
    FC 0.5
    pH 8.0
    AK 90
    CH 220
    CYA 60

    Last Friday (5/29) I went to the pool store to have my water tested (i do this to double check myself) and mentioned that I have a slight film on the top of my pool that I'd noticed. They suggested Pool Purge from Natural Chemistry. That night, I added muriatic acid to bring pH down, and then Saturday night I added pool purge to both skimmers.

    Almost immediately, fizzy, foamy water started coming from both returns and creating a sudsy, fizzy top on the pool. The ozone system does put out bubbles since there is gas in the line, but this is a constant visible stream.

    I figured this was expected and went to bed. It was still happening after 24 hours, so I emptied my cartridge filter and cleaned all 4 cartridges. (They had just been cleaned two weeks prior, but thought it was worth a try.) Turned pool back on and problem continued.

    Well, it's been happening all week and hasn't stopped, so I emailed Natural Chemistry and told them the problem. They suggested shocking the pool. (I thought I didn't need to do this with ozone.) So I went to the pool store. They agreed and gave me a bag of shock for free which I added last night 6/4 at 5:30pm. Prior to that - at around 1pm, I added 28oz to bring the pH down before shocking. Waited 4 hours, then added shock last night at 5:30pm. When I left the house this morning, it was still foaming - a bit more actually. The next thing they said was to try an "anti-foam". I feel like I'm adding to much stuff to the pool.

    I've also emailed the builder and asked them to come look at the ozone system to make sure it's not a problem there.

    Any thoughts on what I should do next? I don't really want to listen to the pool store any more, or add any other chemicals. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm trying to educate myself so I don't end up just hiring a company to take care of the pool.

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    Re: Help with clearing foamy water issue

    Welcome to TFP!

    I'm pretty sure your problem to start with was just a simple lack of chlorine, and more chlorine was the solution both before and after you added the Pool Purge. They pretty well sold you snake oil. Get your chlorine up to an appropriate level from the Chlorine CYA Chart and you should see much better water. To speed it along, use the shock level from the chart for a few days.
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    Re: Help with clearing foamy water issue

    According to their description Purge attacks contamination in plumbing that causes foaming and other things. Seems as though it caused foaming.
    PURGE | Product Detail | Natural Chemistry

    The msds states it is some kind of alcohol that is the active ingredient.

    I wouldn't worry much about the foaming. Raise your FC to slam level and let the chlorine break it down. It will go away.
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