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Thread: Pump Schedules and filter questions...

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    Pump Schedules and filter questions...

    I'm wondering about how long and when I should be scheduling the system to run to maximize efficiency.

    I have two 1.5 HP single speed pumps - one that runs the filtration / heating system and a second that runs the in-floor cleaning system.

    The cleaning system should run only when the filtration system is running (so I'm told) because a small portion of the cleaning system is tied to the filtration system. There are four jets that run off the filtration system that direct water to the main drain.

    The system was designed to turn over the entire pool in 6 hours - again so I'm told. 1.5 HP with a service factor of 1.5 and a Jandy CL460 filter.

    Right now I have it running about 11 hours per day (5:00 AM - 10:00 AM and then again from 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM). Right now the cover is broken so I'm fighting heat loss overnight too, making the heater run the entire 5 hours in the morning.

    So, I'm wondering what schedule might be more efficient to make sure I'm keeping the pool cleaned, but also minimizing heating costs. The heater is a Jandy LXi 400,000 BTU and our night time temps are averaging in the high 40's to low 50's.

    Second question is about the filter. The pool was new last summer - as we've gone through several problems with the PB and the pool in general, it's gotten more than filthy a few times and had to be drained twice including an acid wash over memorial day.

    At this point I've cleaned the filters no less than 6 times and acid washed them as well. I cannot get the pressure to below 28 PSI on the filters after being cleaned. Should I give up on these filters and just purchase new ones?
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    Re: Pump Schedules and filter questions...

    You need to run as long as need to keep the pool clean to your liking. See Determine Pump Run Time

    What was the pressure in the filter when they were new?
    28psi could be normal.

    We recommend cleaning them when the pressure rises 20-25% over the clean pressure.
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    Re: Pump Schedules and filter questions...

    Don't know what you mean by filthy, if it is dirt/leaves or algae. If it is algae then an algae bloom can clog a cartridge filter in a day or less. Acid cleaning a cartridge filter can make them worse if they aren't thoroughly cleaned with a hose first and TSP second. And really acid cleaning doesn't usually help and can often make it worse.
    See this Pool School - Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Filters
    And this Re: How to clean a cartridge filter

    Clogged filters is usually a sign of algae growth, which is a sign of insufficient chlorine for your CYA level, Chlorine CYA Chart. It is important not to let the chlorine level drop below the minimum level for the CYA level of algae will start to grow.

    I don't have any experience with in-floor systems. My pressure cleaner has a booster pump and needs to have the main filter pump running to have enough pressure to operate efficiently.

    You really only need to run the filter enough each day to keep the pool clean which I would think would be 3-4 hours per day. Pool turnover is not important and is an obsolete term with residential pools.
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