Have been curious about testing frequency before and by coincidence on the below thread Waterbear gave his reccomendation for frequency for the basics once I dial in my Acid/FC injection systems.....I think his comments would be helpfull for others somewhere in Pool School for base frequency of what/when to test....I have found a lot about what to test and where to keep the levels but not much about the frequency on testing. I realize to a certain extent some people will do overkill to keep things dialed in, but perhaps a posting in PS about minimum testing using his words.

THANK YOU Waterbear. Knowing only need to be disciplined to dial in the FC additions and when to test the other stuff will help for the much higher frequency I thought I was going to have to do it. I can also rest easier on having fewer outbreaks of Algae than I did this summer (3) due to not keeping FC levels where they are suppose to be (didn't understand FC/CYA then).