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Thread: Ground breaking in about one me narrow down decking

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    Ground breaking in about one me narrow down decking

    We are installing a 16x36 18k gallon fiberglass pool. I have read exhaustively here and it has helped answer tons of questions.

    Was debating additional waterfalls - ruled that out because over $2,000 was not worth it to me.
    Was debating a raised wall - ruled that out in favor of a retaining wall at the edge of the decking due to concerns over the expense of a custom cover and all the extra tile and stone work. Not a small upgrade.

    I am still back and forth on decking and could use a nudge. Builder base package includes 3 feet of concrete decking. I am in red clay country and every pool in this area with concrete decking I have seen is cracked. Nature of the beast. I would like to install travertine pavers for my decking, but I cannot afford the builders price for that at this point. he has agreed to grade the entire area where I want the future paver patio down 8 inches and spread crush and run in that area. That saves me a TON of work with the paver route. Here are my options:

    1) have the builder pour 3 feet of cantilever coping broom finish 4,000 psi standard concrete, grade down 8 inches, and then spread and compact crush and run gravel everywhere I want the pavers. I would have 3 feet of coping and decking and just leave the gravel exposed until I can install the pavers either in the fall or another year. No additional cost other than the gravel sub-base that I would have trucked in.
    2) Have the builder pour same as above - but with bull-float (level with the fiberglass shell) so I can install travertine coping and decking.
    3) Choose 12 inches of bull float and then install travertine coping and decking
    4) 18 inches of cantilever coping and then install travertine everywhere else
    5) pay another couple grand and have more concrete poured for decking and just forget travertine altogether.

    Any other ideas on decking so I don't have issues with soft-coping and the SWG?

    Pool specs:
    18x36 - 3'7" to 5'6" (The Greco by River Pools)
    2 inch plumbing
    3 returns one skimmer
    1 18 inch waterfall

    Onmilogic Automation
    AquaComfort Heat/Cool pump
    EcoStar pump
    Sta-rite PLM300 cartridge filter
    2 dry niche glo-brite lights
    Polaris 9450 robot

    Anyone have any last minute "boy I wish I had done that" tips, hints, suggestions?

    Freaking out a little that I am running out of time to make any tweaks.

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    Re: Ground breaking in about one me narrow down decking

    Are you talking travertine tiles or pavers? One thought is that you could have all your concrete poured now, with plans of laying travertine tile later. That way, you are semi-finished and can let the concrete settle in some while you save up for the tiles.

    I suspect you will want to be done with the project once you get water though...
    New DIY IG pool in Houston, Texas. 4/30 dig to 6/11 fill. 20' x 42.5' free form pool/raised spa with the following equipment: 3hp Intelliflow pump shared between pool/spa, 120gpm Pentair Waterfall pump, 6' sheer decent, 2 bubblers, 2 large color LEDs in the pool/1 small in the spa, Easytouch 8 with ScreenLogic2, Stenner Pump, auto fill, a 2HP silencer pump for the spa, 850 sq. ft Sundeck, Dolphin Supreme M500 and a TF100+mixer

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    Re: Ground breaking in about one me narrow down decking

    1 1/4" pavers

    Got the call that they are coming monday first thing...have to pull the trigger on decking decision...sigh

    I want to enjoy the pool THIS SUMMER. Just not sure on another $4-5k on decking right away. ON the other hand I can upgrade from 3 ft of concrete to 6 ft of concrete for another 2k


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    Re: Ground breaking in about one me narrow down decking

    Am I missing anything:

    1 skimmer line 2 inch return to pump
    from pump to filter
    from filter to heat/cool pump
    from heat cool pump to SWG
    from swg to waterfall/returns through three way valve

    Do I need more relays, etc in the Omnilogic to power:
    future actuator on three way valve for waterfall control
    two breakers for outdoor porch fans and lights

    Are there just plain breaker slots in the omnilogic?

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