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Thread: Ph creeping up

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    Ph creeping up

    Generally I have no problems with Ph, so this issue surprised me. I chlorinate using Kim-Tec liquid chlorine usually, or Up & Up brand bleach if I only get over to Target and not Lowe's. I also occasionally use Kim-tec brand tri-chlor if my CYA needs to be raised. I just started with using tricolor to raise my CYA again on Saturday. Since I only occasionally have to get my Ph down, I use Kim-tec brand Ph minus, as muriatic acid tends to sit around a long time before I get it all used used up - generally I will not go through a 2 gallon case in a season.
    Anyway, I noticed my Ph was starting to creep. I measured 7.8 yesterday (actually more between 7.6 and 7.8), so I put in about 1/3 cup of Ph minus. Today I checked my Ph again, and it was 8.0!
    I didn't add any other chemicals other than the Ph minus, and the tricolor my little floating dolphin tricolor dispenser is putting out. What would cause my Ph to go UP when I put in Ph DOWN?

    Numbers from test yesterday (except chlorine and Ph, which was today):
    TC = 3
    CC = <.5 (This was yesterday; the test turned just barely pink, and went away with one drop. It was so light, I'm pretty sure if I could have used less than a drop that would have worked.)
    FC = > 2.5
    Ph = 8
    T/A = 120
    CH = 260
    CYA = 30
    Temp = 82
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    20 feet diameter, 4 feet deep
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    Hayward 1 HP Matrix pump
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    Re: Ph creeping up

    Did you add any high alkalinity fill water recently? That could do it.

    A bunch of vigorous aeration, like a gaggle of kids having splash fights, could also drive pH up.
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    Re: Ph creeping up

    Your FC or to low for your CYA

    PH is high as you know. I would use MA to bring it down to 7.2 and let it aerate back up to 7.8
    It rises quickly because your TA is high.

    Adding MA will also help reduce your TA
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