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Thread: Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

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    Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

    Hi Group...

    Im new to the Pool Service Industry and am starting my first route here in SoCal. Currently taking the class so I can get my LA County Health Cert to do commericial pools. Anyway, until I can get my first truck I am stuck with my 4 dr sedan. No problems there, except a bit of debate erupted in class when I asked what I should line my trunk with in case the muriatic acid leaks thru the bottle / plastic case. I have a blue caddy also and I know the polypropelenyen (sp?) bottles do well to protect...but i do have a buddy that had the acid leak straight thru his truck bed when a leak sprang on the bottle.

    Any suggestions? And thanks in advance for your time!

    New to pool service industry in Southern California.
    Currently working toward my LA County Health Cert. for commercial pool servicing.

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    Re: Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

    You'd be best off to carry the MA jug in a 5 gallon bucket that is sitting so it can't tip.
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    Re: Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

    or since you will likely need to lug around many gallons, probably a milk crate (or similar) will do the trick for 4 gallons. Keep the empties in the crate so any one can't tip over.
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    Re: Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

    Any water tight plastic bin or bucket, in addition to the normal container, is usually sufficient. I like to line it with cardboard. The cardboard will absorb any small leaks and helps reduce splashing when there is a leak.
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    Re: Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

    Hi Mike welcome to TFP!!

    Any of the other's suggestions will work. I just want to point out that the acid M-U-S-T be kept well away from any form of chlorine!! If they both spill and mix you could have a fire or explosion (and the fumes created could knock you out - not a good thing while driving ) If all the chems have to be in the trunk, put the cl on one side and the acid on the other and put the pH and alkalinity increasers next to the acid so they will neutralize any spills - keep in mind that the idiot on the cell phone behind you might end up rear-ending you.

    Good luck with your route and finishing up school! Feel free to ask us any questions that arise that weren't covered in class
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Protecting my trunk from Muiratic Acid

    JohnT / JasonLion - good ideas. because at this point i only have 6 pools (im working part time) in which im doing 3 a day on thur/fri, i wont need more then one gallon/day anyway. therefore i think placeing the gallon jug inside a bucket lined with some cardboard on bottom will be best trick.

    crabboy - thx. we recieve a red container that holds 4 gal (all on deposit in initial purchase) when we purchase the ma (and a yellow one for the liquid chlorine). This is normally what is used to carry the ma on a 'normal' daily route of 15-20 pools.

    waste - thanks for well wishes and caution on chem safety! my teacher added last nite that the fumes will also go after any exposed steel / wiring - so need to limit exposure and make sure to not leave sit in car any longer then i have to.

    Thanks again everyone! Glad to be a part of this forum.
    New to pool service industry in Southern California.
    Currently working toward my LA County Health Cert. for commercial pool servicing.

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