This forum topic, Reviews- Equipment, Products, and Builders is one of the original topics on TFP. At one time we allowed members to post their experiences with builders, retailers, and products with very little moderation other than editing for politeness, and many of the threads dated prior to 2014 reflect this former policy. However over time it became apparent that our leniency was very easily abused and tighter moderation became necessary. The former policy forced us to deal with business owners posing as consumers to promote their product or damage the credibility of a competing product, dispute patents of products, and ownership of companies. The rules for posting reviews were revised and updated as published in Site Rules Forum Etiquette. Here are some additional details.

Builder Reviews
You may choose to post a review of your pool builder here or in your own build thread in the Under Construction forum. Please limit your review to factual information, (build proceeded on schedule, I was dissatisfied by the quality of materials used, ect...) not phrased in emotionally charged language (I felt we were ripped off, I think our builder purposely slowed progress when we started to complain, etc...).
Do not identify your builder's company or any of the owners, employees, subcontractors, or other associated build personnel by name. Please do not try to circumvent this rule by creative spelling, "rhymes with..." or descriptions so detailed they are easily identifiable. If your review catches the attention of the builder it will not be difficult for them to identify you. We have been contacted by lawyers in the past demanding posts be removed. We do not have the resources to fight with lawyers so your post will be edited or removed as needed.
TFP is a teaching forum not a mediation site or referee for your potential legal battles. We have no way of verifying which side is being truthful and which is not. We have no desire to make those judgements and will remove any post that we feel violates this rule.
If you are looking for information on a builder in the Original Poster's area please send them a private message to make your request, and keep those discussions within the private message system.

Equipment and Product Reviews
These are reviews by consumers and not "free advertising" for sellers or manufacturers. Reviews that are seen as "selling" the product will be removed from the public forum

All Reviews
Reviews by members with little activity on the site will not be published.
Overly negative or positive posts will not be published. This is not the place for drive by rants or effusive sales pitches.