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Thread: Unsure how overflow works

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    Unsure how overflow works

    Pool newbie.

    New pool has been in for about 1 month. When rainy season started, the water level was too high. I used a submersible pump to lower. I then called the pool builder to ask them for options as I am not interested in getting a pump every time it rains (daily in SWFL rainy season). They told me I had everything I needed and wild check on it

    They came out and did something without stopping to talk to me. They emailed me to tell me the overflow was clogged and they fixed. I also noticed they lowered the pipe.

    Fast forward 1 week and it's high again and not skimming. Again, pool builder came out, did something and it drained. Looks like the also lowered the pipe more.

    While my pool builder is great, they are not very communicative. Here are my questions:

    1). How does the overflow work?
    2). Should I expect it to maintain the water level during wet periods / is it normal to have to pump out water?
    3). Can a value or something mechanical be added to use the pool pump/pad to drain instead of dragging out a submersible pump? Filter is cartridge and does not have a backwash.

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    Re: Unsure how overflow works

    An overflow is not unlike the insides of a toilet tank. And if you have an autofill, it's almost identical. Ignore the bowl part we're talking about the tank. It's alonside your pool so the water level in both is the same.

    The water gets too high and it starts to run down the big pipe down to the drain.

    If you want more control, you can do some plumbing modifications. Somewhere between the pump and the filter, cut the pipe and install a Tee and a threaded bushing and a hose spigot. When the water gets too high for your liking, connect a garden hose and trail it off wherever, start the pump, and open the faucet.
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    Re: Unsure how overflow works

    Overlfows are generally a pipe which goes 'somewhere' and when the water level reaches that pipe, it flows out. Some of them may just drain to waste, or be plumbed into the sewer, some have a ball valve on them, some dont. Some may have a float type set up such as Richard posted. Just depends on how it was built.

    You need to corner the PB and make him explain to you whats going on.

    You can definitely do some plumbing at the pad to help with the situation. Install a 3 way valve between the Pump and the filter.
    You can either hardplumb or connect a backwash type hose and if you need to drain water, just turn the valve and divert the water out the hose instead of it going back through the filter.

    Some folks plumb in a water faucet between the pump and filter and if need to drain, connect a water hose and sprinkler to the faucet and use the excess pool water to water the lawn.
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    Re: Unsure how overflow works

    Mine is similar to a bathtub overflow drain - when the water reaches that level, the excess will drain out no matter how long you leave the faucet running. My pool overflow drain works on a similar principle and it was tested yesterday morning when the tap (in the form of a torrential downpour) was left running to the tune of about 3" of rain in an hour. Was a little concerned about overflow, but the drain kept up.
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    Re: Unsure how overflow works

    What kind of filter do you have? With a new pool, I'd be surprised if you don't have a multiport valve with a "waste" option, that you can set it on to easily drain some water. I have a sand filter with a multiport, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to other types of filters.
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