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Thread: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

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    Question Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    So we bought a house a few years back where the owner had built his own, in ground, 24,000 gallon vinyl pool. It's been a lot to learn and we are FINALLY getting things cleaned up from a very wet, dirty and rainy but hot Spring.

    When I was cleaning the pool I noticed that in most of the corners, the vinyl is "peeling back" - See pics linked below - I tried to stretch it to tuck it back underneath the plastic lip but it wouldn't budge. Also, I noticed I am getting more and more wrinkles in the vinyl at some of the bottom edges of the deep end.

    So, a few quick questions:

    #1 - How should I reattach/seal the vinyl corners?

    #2 - Any hints on the wrinkles on the bottom of the pool?

    #3 - I have pool vinyl cleaner for the exposed portions but all the instructions say is it's EXTREMELY toxic and just to apply and wash with a cloth. Will it just dissolve and filter out in the water?

    Any other vinyl related tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    Vinyl inground pools are rare in California, so I don;t have any good answers, but I'll give you a

    Magic Eraser seems to work really well at cleaning plastics.
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    Re: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    Get some liner lock and a hair dryer!

    The liner lock will help hold it in when you get it tucked in again. Link here:

    Liner Bead Wedge Lock, Liner Lock - - Your source for quality pool liners, covers and supplies.

    Now for the "Oh PLEASE be careful part"! Electricity and water do NOT mix! You can use a blowdryer to heat up the vinyl so it will be easier to stretch and pull back to where it goes.

    Having someone to help would be great. One holding the dryer and the other working on the liner. It will take some trial and error but it can be done.

    It might be helpful to lower the water some but that is up to you.

    Once you get it back in place us the liner lock in to help hold it.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    Sometimes pouring hot water behind the liner will heat it enough to stretch it back into place, as hot as your tap gets don't boil the water

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    Re: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    I really appreciate the tips so far! Keep em coming

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    Re: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    Hello! When my pool liner was being installed last Autumn (when it was quite cold here), the pool builders kept asking for kettles of hot water. This seemed to help make the liner a bit more stretchy or flexible and they managed to get it to fit eventually. It did take quite a few kettles full though!
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    Re: Vinyl Issues -- How to stretch/fix/clean?

    That's great information -- Thank you!

    For some reason my location isn't showing up. I'm right outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. My next debate for this vinyl pool was to try to go to SWG instead of my pathetic cholinator. It practically does nothing with the 3" Jumbo tabs and I still have to add liquid bleach almost daily. Levels are fine but what a pain. Is SWG for vinyl pools? If so, where is the recommended place in a buying a unit?

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