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Thread: Looking at buying different above ground pools

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    Looking at buying different above ground pools

    I'm still at the stage of deciding which pool to buy. I have been reading this site like crazy the last 2 days, watching you tube last summer and winter on how to's.

    Any advice on which pool brand will help.( base pool price $1500 -$2,000 with just basics could be higher, I know pool do dads and chemicals will cost more ) I researched Dough boy but very pricey ( $11,000 installed $4000 of it was just to install) and I'm not sure my pool interest of ability to have a pool will be a long term thing, maybe.

    I did buy an Intex pool from Walmart last year but hubby returned it saying it was too big ( 22'x54" was a bit big and he feared a water wall coing in the garden basement window). We have a $600 gift card but don't have to buy form Walmart. I had already cleared and leveled a 23' diameter last summer . It was 1" pebbles 8" deep, I did most of it which is a amazing due to spine fusion-3 back surgeries. Old carpet is holding down weed growth ( just a couple). Soil is clay based and already compacted, hardly any loam here in CO

    We are thinking 18' x52" but I would like 54". I like to do aqua aerobics so every inch if water helps.
    Hard sides are better due to 17 y.o. son who likes to shoot BB's
    Sturdy top rail due to son having lots of friends and 2 dogs.
    I have no clue on filter.
    We do live high mountain desert so humidity is 3% at times
    I have done in ground pool care at Bed and Breakfast I worked at 15 yrs ago but don't remember much.
    I'm sensitive to chemicals but seem to do fine in well kept chlorinated pools.
    I figure the mom, me, will end up orchestrating a lot of this pool party which I really don't want or rather don't have the brain or physical body to do, meaning my house is never clean or in shape. I hate driving to go exercise.

    I'm doing this pool party because I believe exercising in water is extremely beneficial for my poor old body and my son a bilateral below knee amputee will be training for 2018 Paralympics. He wants a Jacuzzi too. I am so tempted to have both. My 17 y.o. son is a math wizard so I know he could learn how to do the chemistry.

    Some of my to do list includes
    -have electrician install a closer outlet or make hubby get those photo voltaic panels up now.
    -get sand-not thrilled hauling it or could I use 4x8 sheets Styrofoam and gorilla cloth? to put under liner?
    -making the water as warm as possible to be comfortable ( it hit's 85-100 in the summer but nights very chilled) . Our home is a passive solar with solar hot water thing on roof. Photo voltaic solar panels possible ( husband getting masters degree in solar energy) but my barn doesn't have them yet so it may take yrs
    -order recommended pool test kit

    oh and I know we all want the pool up and running like last summer.

    Thank all for having this forum. In my former days I think I used a pool store or there could have been a pool service, and my sister in law managed my mom's pool.

    Used pool 1995 Lomart 18'x48" just installed 7/16/2015, Hayward Power Flo Matrix 1 HP 2 speed pump, 16" Rx Clear Radiant sand filter ( used pea gravel and zeolite) foam wall, polystyrene bottom, liner 25 gauge overlap, TF-100 test kit. Son training for 2018 Paralympics, Hoping for solar heater of some sort. Good chance Labrador will be in pool. Colorado Prairie, 6000 ft elevation high mountain desert, clay soil

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    Re: Looking at buying different above ground pools

    Tere, it appears you haven't received a reply yet on your post about different AG pools. Not sure if you have resolved your issue by now, but this reply should get your posting updated back to the top of the queue where hopefully someone experienced with your specific question can provide some constructive answers. We apologize for the delay, and thank you for checking-in with TFP. Have a great day.
    Pat (a.k.a. Texas Splash) ~ My Pool: Viking Fiberglass; 17,888 Gal; Waterway Supreme 2-sp/2-hp pump; Hayward Ctg filter; TF-100 w/ Speed Stir
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    Re: Looking at buying different above ground pools

    Hi Tere, we also bought our pool used from an individual and I remember what it was like having pool pieces laying all over the place awaiting installation. This was our experience. Our pool is a 33' x 54' round and it was quite a challenge leveling a 38' round space for it in a backyard that slopes heavily in two directions but it was well worth it. The soil underneath the pool was dug down to hard packed clay then we added 5 inches of masonry sand, dampened then tamped down hard, then the assembly began. I considered several options to go under the liner but glad we went with just the sand. Liner does not have wrinkles in it but there is slight uneven texture to the bottom due to the sand shifting barely as the water was added. I really like that much better than a perfectly smooth bottom cause I am a beach lover. Kinda reminds me of walking in the shallows. I prefer the water around 84 so I use a solar cover on the pool whenever the temp drops below 80. Only takes a day or so to raise it back up to where I like it. Hopefully, you have your pool up and running by now.
    33 Round AGP, 26K gal, vinyl liner, 1 HP single speed pump, 1 Hayward wide mouth skimmer, Pentair sand filter, Taylor K-2006 test kit, Red Leopard Orbit suction auto vac, Pool School, TFTestkits, PoolMath, Support this Site!

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