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Thread: Hello from NJ new ag pool need lots of info and advice :)

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    Hello from NJ new ag pool need lots of info and advice :)

    Hi, my name is Michelle. I live in Cape May County, NJ. today i put up a 15 x 48 intex pool. it is filling now. i bought a chemical kit which is supposed to last me 3 months. i have no idea what i need to put in when, can i put anything while it's still filling or do i wait till it's done? and then what?? i have test strips, 3 inch chlorine tabs, pool shock, algaecide, and stain away. i was thinking of putting my chlorinator in while it's filling, and i was wondering if i shock it right away? i've been reading posts about bleach and that has me wondering...
    Hoping to get some info and advice and meeting some cool people
    First pool
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    above ground 15 x 48
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    well water

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    Re: Hello from NJ new ag pool need lots of info and advice :)

    Hello Michelle. Welcome to TFP. You are in a great place to learn about pool care. So let me get you started on what you will hear much more of from others......
    1 - You must order one of the TFP recommended test kits (i.e. TF-100 link below). Strips do not work and the pool store only wants you to buy their stuff.
    2 - Do not put any algaecides in your pool - not needed; we rely primarily on liquid bleach and a few other common household items.
    3 - There are only two products you will need to put initially in your water as it's filling: Bleach and stabilizer. We'll tell you how much shortly.
    4 - Since you are filling with well water, some other TFP'ers may have specific suggestions; stand-by for more
    5 - In the meantime, please take a moment to read the links in my signature below. They are vital to your pool care.
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    Re: Hello from NJ new ag pool need lots of info and advice :)


    I hope that kit didn't cost a lot, because you've been pool-stored. You might have seen others be victimized in the store when you were there.... they're the ones with a huge pile of stuff the clerks are happy to wheel out to their car for them. Your pool doesn't have to be grossly expensive and difficult to maintain, no matter what the pool store experts tell you.

    About that startup kit... The strips are at best unreliable. The 3" tablets will keep and have some use. The powdered shock may have some use, depending on which of three commonly used powders all of which are called "shock" it is. The algaecide is unnecessary if you maintain the chemistry, and the stain away is probably useless if you're filling from a municipal water supply. If you're on a well and you have iron, that's a whole 'nother thread.

    If the pucks came with a floater, you can put them in now to get some chlorine in the pool. If there's no floater, don't use them. Keep track of how many you use.

    What you do need is a proper test kit. For pool chemicals, you might need to raise or lower the pH, you might need to raise the alkalinity, you will need a source of chlorine without unwanted side effects, and you will need some stabilizer to protect the chlorine from the sun. The pucks have some in them, and the shock powder might, which is why I say they have some usefulness but that you should keep track of how many you put in. The good news is, you're starting fresh and what you need can be bought cheaper than the pool store.

    I suggest you start reading in Pool School until you feel like this.

    Test Kits, ABCs, Recommended Chemicals, How to Chlorinate, and Poolmath are all worth reading early on. It seems like a lot, but once you have a proper test kit in your mitts and start doing, it will make sense. By Fourth of July, you'll be an old pro and daily maintenance will be about as time consuming and complicated as brushing and flossing your teeth.
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    Re: Hello from NJ new ag pool need lots of info and advice :)

    Welcome mimo1970!

    You've been given some good advice already, but I will echo the importance of getting one of the Recommended Test Kits.
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