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Thread: question Winterize AG pool Water level & skimmer

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    question Winterize AG pool Water level & skimmer

    My first year closing pool, decided to use pool cover although dont have alot of trees nearby. My question is the water level, the cover directions suggest water being no more than 6 inches below top of pull. I'm sure I need to drain below skimmer and return to prevent cracking the plastic, is this correct. Can anyone suggest proper methods for my pool, it is a 24ft round with single skimmer and return which have push on plastic piping with pipe clamps. I would of course remove these pipes to clear them from freezing but don't know the best way to plug the bottom of skimmer housing and return which is about a 1 3/4" or whether to even drain below return, that would add several more inches the cover would have to sit down on the water.
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    Re: question Winterize AG pool Water level & skimmer

    In our climate I drain to just below the skimmer and pull the line off the skimmer so any water that gets into it will drain out. Then plug the return and disconnect that line and you're in business. Just don't let too much water build up on top of the cover.

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    Re: question Winterize AG pool Water level & skimmer

    For the skimmer, if you want to keep the water up, you can either get an Aquadoor (it's a ~ Tupperware lid for the skimmer faceplate - you need to install a new faceplate which will accept the lid) or a Gizzmo (which is a hollow plastic 'jug' that screws into the skimmer pipe and will collapse if ice forms hard enough to damage the skimmer body) or... you can just plug the skimmer pipe and stuff pieces of foam 'noodles' into the skimmer to absorb the ice expansion

    A 1 1/2" plug in the return will prevent water loss through that port. Disconnect the pipes and you should be all set to cover the pool
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