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Thread: New pool ~ is upgrade to Hayword Ecostar pump worth it and is it reliable?

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    New pool ~ is upgrade to Hayword Ecostar pump worth it and is it reliable?

    Hello fellow forum viewers. New to the forum and see that it has a wealth of information. I'm hoping I can get some constructive feedback regarding the reliability of the Hayword EcoStar variable speed pump.

    My wife and I finally took the plunge (or hope to in a few weeks...) to build a new pool for our young family. The pool is currently under construction. It is a steel-vinyl, 32,000 gallon true L with Hayword components including sand filter and salt water system.

    When going through options with the pool contractor the option of a variable speed pump was not discussed. Doing my own research it seems that a variable speed pump may be a worthwhile upgrade. The pump included in contract price of the pool is 1.5 HP MaxFlo XL. Doing the math from the voltage/amperage on the pump motor this pump consumes roughly 1,900 watts when running.

    From what I understand the longer the pump runs over the course of the day the better it would be for the pool clarity and chemistry, particularly with the saltwater system. Add to that the demand required for a sit-n-spa, which is part of our pool package, and perhaps one day the addition of solar heat and maybe a water feature of some sort, and I'm concluding that a standard one speed pump may not cut it. My knowing a little bit about pumps, all things are pointing to an upgrade to a variable speed pump. Doing so would allow for continuous low speed pump operation while also reserving the ability to add some juice when running through a solar water heater, the sit-n-spa, a water feature, or all of the above.

    Looking at variable speed pumps it seems that since all of the other components in our pool will be Hayword components, it would make sense to stick with a Hayward pump. That leads to the EcoStar. The pool contractor offered to upgrade from the MaxFlo XL to the EcoStar for $700. From what I can find pricing it on the internet they may be making a few hundred on the deal, but that's business.

    So, all things considered, I am inclined to upgrade to the Ecostar... except for one blaring red flag... reliability. The pool company I'm dealing with has said they have only installed around a half dozen of these pumps over the last few years and they have had some trouble with them. They have one pump in particular that they have replaced multiple times. Then I go to check out reviews on Amazon and virtually everyone who has installed one within the past year loves them, but there is a substantial cohort of reviewers who have had these pumps for two to three years that are now experiencing pump failures.

    So, can any of you experts out there offer you experience with the reliability of these pumps? Thanks. Look forward to getting many of the questions I'm sure I will have answered through this forum.
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    Re: New pool ~ is upgrade to Hayword Ecostar pump worth it and is it reliable?

    Kirk, it appears you haven't received a reply yet on your post about a Hayward Ecostar pump. Not sure if you have resolved your issue by now, but this reply should get your posting updated back to the top of the queue where hopefully someone experienced with your specific question can provide some constructive answers. We apologize for the delay, and thank you for checking-in with TFP. Have a great day.
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    Re: New pool ~ is upgrade to Hayword Ecostar pump worth it and is it reliable?

    From what I understand the longer the pump runs over the course of the day the better it would be for the pool clarity and chemistry
    Did you here or read that on this forum. Water clarity has very little to with pump run time. That is primarily dependent on chemistry. It only takes about 30 min for chlorine to distribute in a pool so not much run time is needed. This is the forum position on run time:

    Pool School - Determine Pump Run Time

    VS pumps are usually only economically beneficial to those in very high energy cost areas (mainly CA). A two speed pump would save close to the same amount in energy costs and have much less cost up front.
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    Re: New pool ~ is upgrade to Hayword Ecostar pump worth it and is it reliable?

    The reviews you are reading reflect my personal experience. With that said, you should get a three year warranty through Hayward if all the equipment you mentioned (and light) are Hayward.

    How about the Max-Flo VS? The Ecostar is Hayward's big dog, typically used on a pool/spa combo or a pool with many features, all along with an automation system. Your pool seems relatively simple and you could have benefits offered by VS pumps with an easier to swallow price tag.

    - Extremely quiet operation
    - Ability to vary speeds throughout whole RPM range to tune to YOUR pool. Not just full speed and half speed.
    - Sealed, aluminum construction motor
    - Integrated timer (up to three speed/run times per day). You can run the pump at a higher speed during peak solar times if you do decide to add it.

    Go VS, you won't be disappointed. You could also use money saved from Ecostar to upgrade to a cartridge filter.
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