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Thread: Filter time for AGP Intex pool / PVC plumbing

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    Filter time for AGP Intex pool / PVC plumbing

    I have an Intex 4440 gallon (15 foot by 48 inch) metal frame pool. I am using retrofit Hayward in-wall skimmer, pump, S144T Sand filter, and propane heater in that order. I am still using the original Intex salt water system on a separate circuit for 4 hours of chlorine production daily. Water is very clear. I bought a timer for the Hayward pump, but am not sure when I should run it.

    Is it safe to have a skimmer with no other suction returns when kids are in pool? Instructions always mention two returns...

    Do people leave the filter on all the time, or run it a certain time of day.

    Basically, when we are going to use pool, I remove cover and let it run for a few hours and keep it on during use as it also supports the fountain...

    I know my plumbing is all over the place, but I was making use of existing connections. Next year, I will run one PVC pipe to pool and sprinkler - currently I split it by heater and run separate lines to each. I also used the Intex original tubing to make the pool connections as when teh pool is full of kids, the sides shake a little, and I was worried about PVC connection directly to pool being too rigid. This is an 8 year old pool that I take down, store inside, and put up each year for a 4 month season.. The propane heater was the best investment... About $5 an hour to run...



    Intex 15X48 metal frame - 4400 gallons - 8 years old!
    Intex SWG / Pump (sanitation) / Hayward pump (sand filter & heater)
    Hayward skimmer / Hayward Propane Heater 100,000 BTU / Hayward S144T Sand Filter

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    Re: Filter time for AGP Intex pool / PVC plumbing

    I run my pump several hours a day, and have it on when we are using the pool. Wife likes the circular flow when relaxing in the pool.

    I don't have a problem with my walls walking with splashing/waves, but I did bury mine. dug a hole about 18" deep, and placed the excess dirt back around the sides to level out the ares around the pool. Our yard slopes a good amount where we installed the pool, so had to dig to level anyway.

    Of course this means I can't take it down every year. I've only had one problem with this. This last winter I was messing with the ice, and managed to tear a 6" hole in the liner. Patched it with a few layers of old liner from when we replaced the original. I saved the old liner just in case this kind of thing happened.

    I'll have to check the posts this fall when I drain it down for closing, and replace any rusty ones.

    Because my pool walls don't move, I've hard plumbed everything, using regular AG pool returns. No problems with PVC breaking --yet--......

    Your plumbing looks just fine, no need to change anything unless you feel you need to.

    The two returns rule is for when you have a bottom drain or in-wall suction port that could trap a person of any size. You just need to teach your kids to keep their hands out of the skimmer.
    15'x48" 4500 gallon Intex pool, buried 1.5 ft. Pac-Fab Dynamo 3/4 hp pump. Hayward S180T sand filter, bought used. Taylor K-2006 test kit. Rocket mass heater based wood fired pool heater.

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