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Thread: Two dealers, two totally different recommendations. What to do?

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    Two dealers, two totally different recommendations. What to do?

    My pool is 14 years old. Seems like I am at the stage of replacing most of the equipment.
    2013 - Replaced Raypak propane heater with a new one.
    2014 - After going through three Hayward Super Pumps I replaced with a Pentair 2-speed. Love how quiet it is.
    2015 - The Hayward S200 Sand filter was leaking quite a bit last fall, from the side ports where the pipes go into the filter. So, I decided last fall I would replace when I opened the pool this year. Also, I have gone through four of those Hayward off-line automatic chlorinators. Hate them, took two people to get the cap off last year.

    My normal pool guy moved out of state. Since I really like the Pentair pump, I started researching Pentair filters. The Pentair Clean & Clear Plus seems highly regarded. So, I found a Pentair dealer in Cincinnati and got a quote of $1,300 for a CCP420 installed. The guy raved about this unit. When I asked about replacing my Hayward off-line auto chlor, he showed me Pentair's version, but suggested going with a SWG IC-40, $1,800 installed.

    I found the guy who took over my pool guy's service work and called him. Told my story, and he kindly described each type of filter available and recommended staying with sand, and replacing with another Hayward. He asked if the pool was ever green when opened, and when I said probably one out of three years, he said the cartridge filters are a nightmare with green pools, and you can't backwash. Then we discussed that auto chlor and SWG, and he recommended staying with the one I have had four of and hate. He did say that the SWGs provide very soft water and are easy on the eyes, but you have to replace the cells every three years and they can cost up to $800.

    I certainly do not want to spend more money than I need, and staying with Hayward will be much cheaper, but I am looking to lessen maintenance if possible. BTW, love by Dolphin pool cleaner. Best money spent to date.

    So, how does one make the best decision?
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    Re: Two dealers, two totally different recommendations. What to do?

    Easy, stop listening to those people. I love my cartridge filters but that is all I know, never had a sand... Salt water Generator is about 1000 to 1500 depending on what you get, and they last 3 to 7 years depending on your water chemistry and the size... replacement cells are 300 to 500... If your going to pentair I would stay with the clean and clear 520 cart filter, ic40 or 60 SWG... bigger is better
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    Re: Two dealers, two totally different recommendations. What to do?

    It's a personal decision on carts vs sand vs DE...

    Personally, I wouldn't have a cart filter because I live in very dusty conditions. Even if I didn't, I like have the option to backwash and would prefer it over cleaning carts even once per year if I could manage that. I add DE to my sand filter always, and I'm never unhappy with my clarity. It's really up to you, and what you consider best to deal with. Oversizing the filter is never bad idea. It's difficult to have too much filter.
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