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Thread: Green water after 3 days

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    Green water after 3 days

    Hi all, we just bought an above ground intex easy set pool 18 feet by 48inches. We filled it with water from our stream that we pumped with a fire house that has a filter. I've shocked it two days in a row and we are on our third filter and it's still green. Am I beig impatient or should I add more cholorine? Thanks so much for any advice!

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    Re: Green water after 3 days

    How much chlorine is currently in there?
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    Re: Green water after 3 days

    I've shocked it two days in a row and we are on our third filter and it's still green.
    Shocking is a process, not a product.

    You really need to order a recommended test kit. In the mean time, you get a simple OTO 2 way test kit at WalMart if you're in a big hurry, do not use test strips.

    Pick up about 10 gallons of regular unscented bleach from somewhere that has a good price. You can use the chlorine price calculator in my signature to determine if it is a good price, but the calculation is [sale price] / [# jugs if bundled price] / [oz per jug] / [% sodium hypochlorite in decimal format (8.25% is 0.0825)].

    Test the chlorine/ph with the low accuracy tester you purchased from WalMart.

    Use Pool Math and enter the number of gallons your pool is at the top (5,455 gallons for your pool). Scroll towards the bottom to "Suggested Goal Levels" and choose "", "Bleach", and "Vinyl".

    If your pH is not between 7.2 and 7.8 you need use the pool calculator to determine how much muratic acid to add to lower your pH or how much soda ash/borax to add to raise the pH before proceeding.

    Return to the top and enter how much chlorine you measured in the "Current" FC field and 10 in the "Target" field. Enter the % chlorine from the label on your jugs of bleach so the field to the left updates to tell you how many ounces of bleach to add.

    Add the amount of bleach that was recommended above in front of your return jet.

    Test your water every 30 minutes until the the OTO tester says your chlorine is 5 or less. Now use the Pool Math calculator again and update your "Current" FC with what you measured and see how many ounces of bleach you need to add to return to 10 PPM. Repeat the 30 minute testing until your chlorine level starts holding, then you can test every hour, then every couple hours, then overnight. Note: The OTO kit is only going to show Total Chlorine, not Free Chlorine. The test is useful to get started, but if you want to guarantee you have eliminated algae, you need a better kit.

    Continue raising the chlorine to 10 ppm until your recommended test kit arrives so you can post good test results that will enable people to help you with accuracy instead of guessing.

    Do not use any more pucks or bags of "shock". It is quite easy to get too much CYA which causes chlorine to be less effective and requiring you to keep a higher FC level to prevent algae, or get too much CH which can cause scaling.
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