I've been a little remiss in my admin duties the past few weeks. I see, even though the season has mostly come to an end, we continue to get new members to the TFP clan every day. I usually try to greet all the new members, so apologies if I've missed anyone these past few weeks.

If you are a new member, still learning your way around the site, let me point out a few features you may have missed or not found yet.

If you look at the top of any page, you'll see a couple useful links. You'll find the Newsletter Archive, as well as a link to Pool School. The archive is all the prior issues of the TFP newsletter. In the newsletter we cover a variety of topics and have articles from both TFP members and industry pros.

Pool School is an outstanding collection of articles designed to take you step by step through just about any topic you'll need to know as a pool owner.

The fall into the spring is when lots of folks start researching pool building and ownership. If you are preparing to buy a pool, you'll find lots of useful tips in Pool School and will also want to visit the forum titled "Swimming Pool and Spa Build and Repair." You'll find tons of great information to help you with your build, as well as a number of member created threads following their builds from start to finish, including pictures. And of course, after you register, you'll be able to ask all your own questions and get QUICK replies.

One last note, if you are new and wondering how TFP is operated and/or funded...you'll notice we don't have any adds on the site and we don't sell anything. TFP operates solely on the donations of members like yourself and, even though it's not swim season, the site incurs the same costs and expenses year round. So, if you like the resources that TFP provides, I hope you'll consider using the button at the top of the page "Become a TFP Supporter."

Again, WELCOME to TFP, enjoy, and if you have any questions...don't hesitate to ask!