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Thread: My California nightmare!!

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    Exclamation My California nightmare!!

    Joining this forum has been both a blessing and a curse because there is some really great information. I continue to read and read and have come to realize I have no other option than to drain my pool and relevel.

    California is in the worst drought in over 1200 years that has depleted 11 trillion gallons of water, so this is a really inconvenient time to be draining 10k and refilling. I researched the cost of renting a tank compared to having a water truck deliver potable water. Both are much more than I care to budget. We are on a strict 30% water cutback restriction and face $1000 fine for every 25 gallons over the allowance, which rules out any chance of refilling. I decided to buy another Intex pool to use as a storage container. I was able to find a 18 x 48 easy set liner for $200 with free s&h...score!! I have already drained the pool back to install a thru the wall skimmer, so this temp pool should be just the right size.

    BUT......I still need some help. I apologize for this wall of text now and for the patience to educate me. Here we go...

    The high side of my pool sits about 5" above the low side and I noticed yesterday that the pool is really leaning. My question is after I relevel the sand does it make sense to place pavers under each foot and will this help to keep them all plumb? Or should I only place pavers under the (7) legs of the low side? I'm really struggling with the leveling and only want to do this once.

    Do I need to take the entire pool down, or can I with careful planning leave the pool in place?

    When I get to the point of transferring the water back into the pool, I would like to install the skimmer. I have seen that some people block the original inlet hole off and cut a new one, and I have seen some that cut a new one and use both. Does the new hole work as a return? If yes, would it be possible to put the second return further around the other side of the pool for better circulation? Or does it matter? If you cut a new hole do you place it higher or lower than the original and where ?

    Is it best to fill the pool a couple of feet and then install skimmer or wait until it is nearly full?

    Last question i swear... the water is going to sit for a day or two without any filtration in the temp pool, should i add anything or test as normal and worry about it when i refill the permanent pool??

    I'm sorry, I know that was a lot. But thanks!
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    Re: My California nightmare!!

    Yes to pavers under each leg. I really can't see how you can fix a 5" out of level without taking down the entire pool.

    For,just a couple of days take the water in the temp pool up to shock level with liquid chlorine.
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    Re: My California nightmare!!

    sorry to say, but you will need to dig down on the high side to level the pool.. then use pavers under all legs...

    good call on the donor pool
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    Re: My California nightmare!!

    You are going to have to remove the existing pool and level the ground. Dig the high side down, there is no other way. Then, place pavers under all seven legs and level those.

    Here is a great tutorial for installing the thru the wall skimmer.Adding a Hayward Thru-the-Wall Skimmer to Intex Metal Frame Pool (PICS!!
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    Re: My California nightmare!!

    Thanks everyone. I'm at the hunting and gathering stage trying to get ready for this big job!! Temp pool gets delivered on Monday, got all the hard plumbing parts (I think), and I picked up the pavers today. All that's left is a laser level and a few helpers that will work for beer!!
    20x45 in-ground 42k pool and spa built in 1989. Just moved into this home and am still in the learning phase of understanding equipment

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    Re: My California nightmare!!

    I remember the levelling days. What a pain. We all hate it and those of us who have gone through this completely understand what you're going through! Thank God I didn't have to deal with water restrictions on top of everything else!

    Here's my silly story turned joke I like to share...

    The box that the pool came in proudly states in big letters "Ready for water in 45 minutes!"

    After spending a bunch of time "leveling" our pool site...putting up the pool and starting the fill only to find it was not level...

    We had to drain it and take it down and start the "real" leveling and this time also added pavers, (All done with hand tools and the help of my husband and 2 sisters in very hard dirt/clay ground.)

    Days went by.

    Every once in a while one of us would ask... "Hey, has it been 45 minutes yet?"

    To this day, any time I make a change to the pool (new Hayward returns, new landscaping) I still ask myself "Has it been 45 minutes yet?"
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