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Thread: my 2nd pool store test

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    my 2nd pool store test

    I went to another pool store and it actually was a much better experience that the other ps in town. They didn't push products down my throat and I walked out of there without spending one penny Here are my readings:

    CYA: 70
    TC: 6.5
    FC: 6.5
    Ph: 7.3
    TA: 113
    Adj. TA: 92
    Total Hardness: 124
    TDS: 700

    Of course, they advised me to raise the TA. They explained that is should be between 125-150. I know you guys say that is too high. They said it needs to be at least 125 b/c a the lower TA can lead to ear infections, skin rashes, and eye irritation not to mention that is is bad on the equipment. They said if I raise the TA, then it would raise the Ph to probably 7.7 or 7.8 and I would then need to lower it to keep it in the 7.4-7.6 range. What's your take on this advise?

    They also talked about a maintenance dose of algecide. Is that necessary?

    They said I need to shock it weekly until it gets cooler and then go to every other week. As I understand from you guys is that if I'm maintaining proper FC levels based on where my CYA is, then there is no need to shock weekly, or on any other regular schedule.

    Now, about the CYA, which if you read my other post, has been freaking me out with the off the chart readings on my test strips. The lady at the ps today talked to me about the reading when I questioned it. She retested and explained the test as she did it and showed me the results. I still won't be totally convinced until my kit arrives and I test it myself, but for now, I will gladly take a 70 CYA reading! I will need to get my FC up to 8 as a target. Are there reliable test strips out there to test chlorine and Ph? Should I get these to use until my kit comes (hopefully next week) and then have to use as a backup or additional testing?

    Thanks y'all 8)

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    Re: my 2nd pool store test

    First, I work in a Pool Store and can tell you that you do not need to raise your TA. They are just trying to sell you very expensive baking soda repackaged as total alkalinity increaser. TA has nothing to do with skin rashes, ear infections or eye irritation. Skin rashes usually are either from improperly sanitized water (not enough chlorine) or a chemical sensitivity (often non chlorine shock--MPS--is the culprit). Ear infections once again are often from improperly sanitized water. Eye irritaton is usually from combined chlorine (shocking takes care of that) or pH that is out of whack.

    Also, maintenance doses of algaecide are not really necessary if you keep your FC in in line but pool stores like to recommend it because it makes money for them. If you decide to use an alagaecide the only ones I would recommend are either polyquat 60 or adding borates to 50 ppm. Borates have a lot of other advantages besides helping keep algae at bay so, IMHO, it is a much more useful addition and it does not need to be added NEARLY as often as algaecide, perhaps just once a year.

    Test strips are just not reliable...wait for your kit. If you had ordered the TF100 from TF test kits you would probably have it already since Dave (duraliegh) is VERY fast on shipping.

    As far as when you need to shock, your test kit will tell you. Shock when you have combine chlorine greater than .5 ppm OR if you smell a strong 'chlorine' smell (that's chloramine). Some people also like to shock as a safely precaution after a heavy rain or after the pool has had greater than normal usage. If you maintain your water properly you might never need to shock. The pool store would love to have you buying shock from them on a regular basis but remember that shock is a verb, not a noun. It's something you do (raising the FC high enough to destroy chloramines) and NOT a special product that you add on a regular basis. Shock is just chlorine, usually calcium hypochlorite. ANY form of unstabilized chlorine can be used for shocking. Most of the members on here use liquid chlorine or laundry bleach (both are sodium hypochlorite).

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    Re: my 2nd pool store test

    Glad you found someone that was easy to deal with!

    As was said the TA comment was bogus, you can live without the algicide, and don't buy any more strips. If you want the water analyzed over the next week then I'd recommend going back to the pool store where you had a good experience and try working on that. You might have to throw them a bone and buy a winter plug or something, but it never hurts to have a good relationship with a local store. Their chemical advice will probably never mesh with what you read here, but they'll be a good source for the little emergencies that pop up from time to time (o-rings, etc.).

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    Re: my 2nd pool store test

    Just as a reference point for you, I BBB'd our pool back in the spring and have not had to shock it a single time since then. I just maintain the correct chlorine level and enjoy the most sparkling clean pool ever. 8)
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