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Thread: 3rd Year Opening with BBB

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    3rd Year Opening with BBB

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!

    3rd year opening with the BBB method and first year opening in time for Memorial Day. Initial test results after opening with some chlorine being added:

    FC: 4.5
    PH: 8.0+
    TA: 80
    CH: 250
    CYA: 15 ish - I say 15ish bc the water is cloudy when the tube is filled but I can still see the black dot.

    Muriatic has been added to drop the ph and I believe everything else seems to be where it should unless someone sees something I don't.

    SLAMing as we speak. The PH in this pool always seems to drift very high when closed and seems to climb more frequently during the season then it should and I'd like to get that sorted out this season. Any thoughts? as a result of the high PH the pool has some scaling which is annoying.


    Thanks to all and Happy Memorial Day


    Is there a way to retrieve threads from last year? I posted about a stenner install and am trying to find the subscriptions but they aren't listed.


    I have 3" trichlor tabs and I used to have the math about how much FC and CYA one tab would add. Does anyone know the math off the top of their head?
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    Re: 3rd Year Opening with BBB

    Welcome back, and same to you.

    You likely have high pH and TA fill water which helps drive up your pH. If it goes and stays high, that can create scaling potential, but you aren't high risk with those numbers. Just watch your pH more, and keep it in range. See what your fill TA and pH are, and you may find them on the higher side. Its help us to see where you are, so please add location to your profile. I'm in the SW, and most all of us have high pH/TA fill water. Your threads can be seen by changing the settings in your profile. "show threads" options. See about changing that. If you need help, let one us know. Pool math is still up top of the forum. Happy Weekend!
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