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Thread: No skimmer suction

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    No skimmer suction

    Good morning! I found this site after researching all over in google and youtube. I am really hoping there is someone on here that can help. This is our first year in our home and we can't seem to get our pool right. We moved in last summer so the pool was already open and sparkling....had some issues with the water turning green but we managed it alright and then had the pool closed by a company nearby. We opened the pool over a week ago and to our disappointment it was completely green....filled with algae. We took the steps given by the pool company and everything seemed to be going alright other than our free chlorine level. Anyway, last night I vacuumed (to waste) and then we kept the filter running all night. The pump seems to be working fine but the skimmer in the pool is not sucking anything through it. Our water is very dirty as all it has been doing is rotating around the pool from the jets (those work too). I can't figure out what the problem is. I have cleaned the baskets outs of both the skimmer and the pump. I also made sure the propeller in the pump was not clogged. What else could it be????? Please HELP!! Thanks in advance for anyone willing.
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    Re: No skimmer suction

    Welcome to TFP. I am sorry you are having troubles. I don't have an answer for you since you said you checked for clogs. One of other great members surely will though
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    Re: No skimmer suction

    Welcome to TFP!
    You said you opened the pool yourself. Great,first step! When you lookedin the bottom of the skimmer basket were there 2 open holes and a balance lever inside?
    If so, make sure it is not completely closing off one hole. ( mix of bottom drain and skimmer).image.jpg

    If you don't have that setup- have you checked the valve at the pool equipment to make sure it's not off? (It's happened to many of us.)

    Since you ran All night- what's your filter pressure? It may need a good backwash to clear out the debris.

    Get a TF-100 test kit- post your results, then you probably need to SLAM to clear the algae
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    Re: No skimmer suction

    If the skimmer is clogged, you should not be able to get any flow into the pool at all.

    Is the skimmer the only place from which the pump can get water? Do you have a main drain or another skimmer?
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    Re: No skimmer suction

    Johnson74, while we await more info based on the questions posed by other TFP members, I would like to suggest you post some test results as well. While you appear to have a circulation problem, you may also have a chemical balance problem. If you've searched this site at all, and read some of the posts, you know the TFP staff strongly encourage a few basic things: Do your own testing using one of the recommended test kits (see my signature), and use the minimal amount of chemicals required to keep your water clear and sanitary. Be weary of pool store/company advise and maintenance techs who will encourage the use of algaecides, tablets, and other products that will work against you. Once your circulation problem is addressed, if you have any questions about the chemical test results, just ask.
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