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Thread: Ready to get started

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    Ready to get started

    Got the liner in and in process of filling now..we have had a cold spell here in OH so,we've only been filling when it warms in the afternoon.
    I haven't cut hole yet for skimmer or return(gonna read and watch some more videos on this first) but since it's only 2ft deep,I think I have alittle time..
    I just got TaylorK2006 in the mail..hope I can figure it out
    Now,time to stock up on chemicals...
    I went last night and picked up 3 cases(12 bottles) of liquid chlorinator 10% from many more will I need for summer.. rough guess?
    I'm going to pick up some Borax and baking soda from wallys today.
    What else do I need?
    Also,should I invest in some kind of measuring device for these?

    My wife questions this route, "why not take samples to pool store they'll tell you exactly what we need"....and I've been warned ..."I don't want green hair or my bathing suits bleached out"
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    Re: Ready to get started

    Whowhoawhoa. Slow down. You might not every need to add Borax or Baking Soda. I never have. It depends on your fill water. And since you're starting with tap water and not a swamp, you've got yourself probably a month and a half's worth of bleach.

    Test the fill water. That will give you an idea if you'll need to raise pH and/or TA.

    You know you'll need chlorine, and you've got that covered.
    You know you'll need CYA, so buy some stabilizer at Wallyworld.
    You can look around and see where they keep the Borax and Baking Soda, but if the tap water is hard, you'll more likely need a gallon of acid.
    A plastic pitcher or measuring cup dedicated to pool use is always a good idea. You'll also need a pole and brush and a skimmer net. Probably a vacuum at some point, too. And lots of pool noodles and beach balls and squirt guns.

    Typical order of things:
    1) Start the pump and filter and check for leaks.
    2) Add 2 ppm FC. Use poolmath to calculate how much.
    3) Weigh out CYA to get to 40 or so. You can raise it later if need be, but you want to shoot low initially. Your pool may not hold as much water as they advertise. Put it in a sock.
    4) That should have killed a few minutes. When the bleach has had 30 minutes to mix, adjust the pH. If you're at the top or bottom of the scale, you might be higher or lower that you read. Just plug in the value you get and proceed. It might take a second or third dose to get it to move. Recheck it in 30 minutes.
    5) If TA needs to come up more, raise it. Always wait 30 minutes with the pump on between chemicals. If TA is high, don't worry. It'll come down in time.
    6) Now it's swimmable, if cold.
    7) Maintain 2 or 3 FC once a day until the CYA is dissolved. Then assume it's all there and raise the FC up to wherever the target is.
    8) After a week, check your CYA and fine tune it if you want. Remember if you raise CYA, you must also raise FC target.

    That's it.
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    Re: Ready to get started

    TFP avoids adding things that are not needed, and every pool needs different things.
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    Re: Ready to get started

    Welcome to TFP!

    Here are some of my fave Pool School articles
    TFPC for Beginners
    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry

    Here are the Recommended Levels for your pool.
    Here are the Recommended Pool Chemicals and how to add them.
    Use PoolMath to figure out how much to add.
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