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Thread: Algae

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    Do I need to add algaecide if my pool has algae in it or will the shock get rid of it?

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    Re: Algae

    Welcome to TFP!

    No. Algaecide is not particularly effective against an algae bloom and we don't recommend using it (except is some unrelated special situations).

    Chlorine alone is more than enough to get rid of algae (used properly).
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    Re: Algae

    Welcome to TFP Janice!

    As JasonLion said, algaecide isn't much help when there is already an algae problem. It is mostly useful as a preventative, but we don't really recommend it here. In fact I haven't added an algaecide to my pool in years and have had much better water quality than I ever did then.

    Have you done much reading here, or is this your first visit to the site? If it is your first visit you may want to review this: What is Trouble Free Pool Care? It will give you an idea of what we do here and how we do it. A lot more information is available in the Pool School (the green link below) if you are so inclined.
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    Re: Algae

    Hi Janice, and what hasnt been mentioned yet is the TFP method of treating algae, which is called a SLAM. It is an ongoing process which is continued until the water is clear and testing confirms it. It is not just putting in "shock" once or twice, or adding some algaecide.
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    Re: Algae

    Welcome to TFP. You have been given some great information. Do you have a recommended test kit?
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    Re: Algae

    Algaecide is best as a profit center for the pool store. The good ones have some use for winterizing. The bad ones don't do much except deplete chlorine, and the worst ones leave copper behind which gives you a bunch of green-haired kids.

    Pool Store "shock" powders have their disadvantages, too. They either leave behind cyanuric acid or Calcium. Too much CYA will lead to what pool stores call "Chlorine Lock" and too much Calcium can lead to scale formation; sort of grow-your-own sandpaper on the walls.

    "Shocking" your pool the pool store way generally doesn't work. Consider algae to be an infection. Chlorine is the antibiotic. The pool store will have you gulp the whole bottle of pills at once. Our way is to dose regularly until the infection is completely eradicated. To do it our way requires a proper test kit.

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