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Thread: Blue cloudy pool for 2 weeks since opeing

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    Blue cloudy pool for 2 weeks since opeing

    Help pool is blue but cloudy. Have shocked it several times the past 2 weeks but can't get it clear. I've used 2 bottles of ultra bright clarifier but still can't see the bottom of either end of the pool. Last night I poured 7 jugs of bleach in it because there was no chlorine in the pool according to my test strips. My readings this morning are

    FC 10 or more (test only goes to 10)
    TCI 10
    ALK 120
    pH 7.4 -7.6
    TH 250

    After this mornings readings I added de to the sand filter to try and capture whatever is in the water. I changed the sand a little over a week ago but that hasn't worked. I'm considering adding more bleach tonight. I dont know what else to do. Oh I forgot to mention the skimmer furthest from the pump stopped working a week ago but pool wasn't clear when it stopped. I had a pool guy come out and he assessed that I'm still getting good circulation and the skimmer isn't affecting clarity. He had me add muratic acid and clarifier the next day but that didn't work either. The skimmer in the deep end as well as the main drain in the deep end are working fine. I'm just at a loss for what to do to get it crystal clear again.

    I have a 28,000 gal Grecian shaped in ground pool with a 1.5 hp hayward pump and 250 lbs sand filter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to help clear the water.
    28000 gal hayward 1.5 hp pump 250 lbs sand filter

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    Re: Blue cloudy pool for 2 weeks since opeing

    Hey Dubbs, Welcome to TFP,

    I'll give it to you straight, but I'm not being harsh or short. You haven't cleared because your FC has not been high enough for long enough. It's that simple.

    When we shock, its a process of elevating the FC and holding it there until the pool clears. We call this a SLAM procedure. You can't shock as a one or two times then you are done. It won't work. To do this right, you need a proper kit to test everything, pH and Cya.... but most importantly High levels of FC. You can't do this well with strips, and they really aren't reliable anyhow. I suggest a proper kit, and some good numbers to proceed. We can help you get this done and we are glad to do it, but we have to have solid test numbers to help you. Others will chime in, but this would be my suggestion. Good to have you join us, and I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Essential Links:
    ABC's Of Pool Chemistry, Test Kits, SLAM Your Pool
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    Re: Blue cloudy pool for 2 weeks since opeing

    Hi Dubbs,
    following up what Patrick said. TFP pool maintenance and management is not a magic cure, its a methodology. The following links will help you get your pool cured.

    You need a good test kit, The TF100 or the Taylor K2006 The TF100 is the best bang for the buck. Suggest to get the XL option. If you use our method of clearing your pool, you will need it.

    How to SLAM

    FC/CYA chart - use this and maintain your FC depenedent to your CYA level

    Pool Math - use this the caclulate how much of something to add to your pool

    Recommended Levels - after you pool is clear and sparkly, use this to maintain all of your water parameters, and you will have a troublefree pool
    Divin Dave,
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