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Thread: Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

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    Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

    Hello all,

    I have been reading and trying but finally broke down and created an account because I can not get my pool clear and could use the advice.
    To start - I do not have a test kit (it's on the todo list but being a newly *broke home owner to a distressed property my wallet is tapped.), I live in AZ, pebble tec play pool roughly 10,000 gallons (3x5x3x15').
    I had the pool crystal clear prior to this shift in color...have been using color test strips to gauge Chem levels. Was worried my cya level was too high due to powder packs being used weekly as recommended by Leslie's. Added 4 large jugs of bleach yesterday from Fry (8.25%). Just got my water tested there and it is;
    FC 5
    TAC 5
    CYA 60
    TA 100
    Ph 7.6
    TDS 1200
    Pho 0
    Any recommendations are appreciated, been brushing and keeping pump on 24/7 with no avail.

    *typing from smartphone, please forgive my lack of punctuation.
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    Re: Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

    Welcome to TFP!!

    The only thing I can say is you need accurate test number to fix it. If you have read around here much you have probably seen that not much credence is given to pool store testing. While you would think that a "professional" would be the best, unfortunately in most cases it is quite the opposite. Between employees who blindly trust the word of chemical sales representatives and high school kids working in the pool store for the summer you end up with poor results from their testing. In my case two different pool stores told me my CYA was "fine", around 70 or 80. When I tested myself I found it over 200.

    So, your reading of 60 CYA could be 60, 30 or 200.

    ou will need to pick up one of the recommended test kits. To effectively practice the TFPC methods, the FAS/DPD chlorine test is essential. All the kits on the list contain that test while very few other kits do. The kits sold at the pool store generally won't won't cut it, but be careful pool store employees are known to say “it's the same thing”. Generally it's not!
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    Re: Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

    Welcome to the forum!

    No worries, we can help, but the first thing you'll need to do in gaining control is to know what's really going on in the pool. That means a good test kit. To clear it you'll have to elevate the Free Chlorine and hold it at a high level until it's done. We call this a SLAM procedure. I hear you on the budget, but you will have to know the FC level to really do this right.
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    Essential Links:
    ABC's Of Pool Chemistry, Test Kits, SLAM Your Pool
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    Re: Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

    Welcome to TFP! I will tell you that when I came to TFP I was not so sure. However, I bought my TF 100 test kit and did everything these great people told me to do. Along the way I learned a lot and I am happy to help others.
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    Re: Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

    Welcome to TFP!

    This is the process you will need to follow to SLAM Your Pool. Can't do it without a good test kit. I use the TF100 from

    Here are some intro Pool School articles to read while you wait for your test kit
    TFPC for Beginners
    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry

    Here are the Recommended Levels for your pool.
    Here are the Recommended Pool Chemicals and how to add them.
    Use PoolMath to figure out how much to add.
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    Re: Cloudy Green Pool - Help!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I would have updated sooner but I was not getting any email notifications for your replies like I though I would.
    I hear ya on the test kit I will order one as soon as possible.
    Not having an accurate test for CYA and me already feeling it is higher than the Leslie test I added liquid chloring (5 jugs) and it has cleared but still hazy. I have been brushing and washing cartridge filters but does the haze dissipate after awhile or should there be no cloudiness if you're holding the FC at shock level until it is crystal ?? Make sense? Thanks in advance again, I have got to go check my other thread for any updates!

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