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Thread: Small leaks and hose recommendations

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    Small leaks and hose recommendations

    Hi all my pool experts. I've enjoyed lurking and reading up on all the matters as last year and this year purchased our used 18' 52" resin AGP, cleared up the backyard, built the pool, installed gas and electric, setup the heater, balanced the chemicals, and just recently finished attaching and building a second deck.

    Now I have what I hope is a simple problem. One or both of my intake or return hoses seem to be leaking. I have a Hayward 2hp 1 speed pump piped directly into a hayward swimpro voyager Cartridge filter that runs into a hayward h100 heater. Running to the inlet and outlet is ribbed agricultural hose secured with 2 hose clamps at each end on all connections. I've seen one or two of the connections drip at some point. I put 1 on off valve at each end with PVC pipe so I can drain the filter/pump/heater for service without water rushing everywhere.

    Everytime I release air on the filter through the top after its been running for more than a hour I get air release (instead of water). The longer I run it the more air I get.

    Whats the easiest way to isolate and find these leaks? Also if its the hose connections do you have recommendation for top quality hose to replace the agricultural hose with? I think the ribs may be causing air leaks possibly. It was expensive and designed for extended UV exposure but I think I need flat hose.


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    Re: Small leaks and hose recommendations

    Best bet is to plumb with rigid PVC tubing and fittings. Schedule 40. A more expensive and less reliable, but easier to install option is flexible PVC, but still need PVC fittings for the terminal ends.

    Leak isolation is just that. Eliminating what areas you can from the circulation route and testing for leaks. Sounds like you may have a suction side leak. Do you have bubbles or a large bubble in your pump basket sight glass? Bubbles coming out of your returns? This is the best indication of a suction side leak. Suction side leaks introduce air into your system when the pump is running, water loss when not running. Pressure side leaks are always water loss, not usually air involved.
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    Re: Small leaks and hose recommendations

    I used flex pvc to plumb my above ground pool and am very happy with it.

    Air in the system = suction side leak. I've had this before and it can be tricky to find. The usual suspects are any connections/fittings. Look around the pump basket as well, is your pump basket lid well lubed up? Is it clean of dirt/debris? I find that when replacing the lid if I give it a few light taps that helps it seal more effectively.
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