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Thread: Phosphates & MPS Shock

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    Phosphates & MPS Shock

    Moderator comment:This reply was moved from the below listed thread because the suggestions conflict with the teachings at TFP

    Test your water for phosphates and tell me your level also what i use that works amazing for cloudy pools is Oxy bright ad 3-4 lbs of that and pool the will sparkle after 24 hours
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    Re: Phosphates & MPS Shock

    Phosphates are irrelevant since they do not directly cause cloudiness. They indirectly create problems only if one does not maintain a proper active chlorine level (proportional to the FC/CYA ratio) in that higher phosphate and nitrate levels increase the rate of growth of algae. However, algae growth is limited by sunlight and temperature so if one maintains a proper FC/CYA level then one can prevent algae growth regardless of phosphate level. I've had over 3000 ppb phosphates in my pool and others here on this forum have had 5000 ppb or more and one person with 30,000+ ppb due to heavy use of HEDP metal sequestrants, yet all such pools do not get algae because the proper FC/CYA level is maintained.

    Phosphate removers should be seen in the same vein as algaecides. Namely that they are like insurance IF you are unable to properly maintain an FC/CYA level. Like insurance, they are extra cost and they are not necessary, but for pool services who cannot dose a pool with chlorine every day or two or who resort to using mostly Trichlor tabs that build up the CYA level over time then yes, such supplemental products are useful for them. That isn't what is taught in the general TFP forums since this is a residential pool forum where pool owners manage their pools themselves and are willing to add chlorinating liquid or bleach every day or two as needed (or have SWG systems, peristaltic pumps, or The Liquidator).

    As for GLB Oxy Brite (I presume that is what you meant), this is non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate aka MPS) and it is not the best killer of algae. If the cloudiness is caused from organics that MPS can oxidize, then it can work (expensively), but generally such cloudiness can be treated by chlorine and most especially by filtration or if caused by over-saturation of calcium carbonate then by lowering the pH and/or TA level (or CH by dilution, if too high).

    This link shows how a nasty pool full of algae gets cleared by chlorine alone (and filtration, of course). It takes longer than if one uses additional products like clarifiers or flocculants, but such products work inconsistently depending on what is in the pool and are extra cost. There is also ProTeam System Support that can raise debris from the bottom of a pool but here again one can usually clear a pool manually with brushing and pole nets without using such extra products.

    The bottom line is that we generally take a single simpler approach that works in most situations. One can use products for specific situations, but the problem is that if you don't know exactly what is in your pool water causing the problem then such products sometimes work and sometimes don't. So we generally do not recommend use of such products for the general population of pool owners. Most important, however, is to avoid such problems in the first place and that is the primary focus of the forum based on the science of the chlorine / CYA relationship, something that most pool stores and industry professionals do not teach or know. Since you are in the industry, you might take a look at Certified Pool Operator training -- what is not taught.
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