I know this topic has been covered a million times on other threads already but I wanted to ask it in my specific situation where the pool I am building is at a vacation home in Florida and I live overseas so I will definitely be hiring a pool service to take care of the pool.

I understand that the intellitouch does not have a central panel at the equipment pad...is this true?

If this is the case, I presume I should go with the easy touch so the pool maintenance guys can adjust accordingly?

I plan on adding the screen logic so I can have some idea and control while away for months at a time and also have the flexibility to use iPhone/ipad to control once i decide to move to Florida full time (likely in a year or two).

My equipment is as follows:

- pentair VS pump
- pentair 320 cartridge filter
- Aquacal SQ175 heat pump
- 4 globrites LEDs in the pool and 1 globrite in the spa
- pentair IC40 salt water system
- Rainbow Intellichlorinator

I may add some landscaping lights in the future...

So what system should i get? If easy touch, what is the difference between the easy touch and the easy touch PL4/PSL4?

What spa remote should i get? 4 control or 10 control?

All inputs are welcome.