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Thread: Wanting encouragement for opening the pool

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    Wanting encouragement for opening the pool

    I started using TFP last summer and was thrilled with how easy it is and glad to feel like I have control of my pool not the pool place. Scooped leaves way in to the fall and it was pretty clean on the bottom. It was clear till probably about Feb. or March. No pool cover on for winter. Piedmont NC.

    But by the time I started opening Monday it was dark green and slimey with algae.
    pH right now is 7.0
    CYA was at 25? (top of tube) when I started but now I can't get a measure. (Can see the black dot even with tube full.) I have had stabilizer in a sock in the skimmer since Monday but after backwashing a few times have had to had water of course.
    Keeping the FC at 12. Did it every half hour on Monday and about every hour on Tuesday and adding chlorine (using 12.5% liquid shock) at least 3 times a day now, sometimes 4.

    I used the sticky "Turning Your Green Swamp Back Into a Sparkling Oasis". The pool color has continued to improve. Dark green to light brownish green to light green to sea green to blue this morning. Can not see the bottom of the shallow end yet. Have brushed every day as well as scooped what we could which there wasn't much. Also pretty foamy. Thought at first it was the algae dying but the foam cleared and now is sudsy again.

    Question is, anything I should be doing different or in addition? Am waiting to vaccum until we can see the bottom. Also waiting to use DE in our sand filter until we can begin to see the bottom. Planning to get more borax to adjust pH but should I do it while SLAMing? What do I go with for CYA while SLAMing? Just keep adding the 12.5% at regular intervals?

    Pretty pleased with how well it is clearing up but again just wanting encouragement that I am headed in the right direction. Thanks so much.
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    Re: Wanting encouragement for opening the pool

    Don't wait to vacuum. Just because you can't see the bottom doesn't mean your SLAM wouldn't benefit by getting what you can off the bottom.

    If you don't vacuum until you can see the bottom, the SLAM is going to take longer.
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    Re: Wanting encouragement for opening the pool

    Enough encouragement?

    Vacuum blind if you have to. Foam is not uncommon when algae dies. Just doublecheck that you didn't accidentally buy easypour bleach. The labels are very similar. It causes foaming, too.
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