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Thread: Pool equipment replacement advice needed

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    Pool equipment replacement advice needed

    Looking for any advice on replacing several of my pool parts which have reached end of life. It's a long list but any advice on best quality, pricing of the items I need would be appreciated. This is what I sent out to a couple pool companies:

    18x36 vinyl in-ground pool. It used a 3/4 HP Hayward pump (replacement needed) with a Hayward DE3600 Micro Clear DE filter. I'm wrestling with a repair to the filter I'm not sure will work so it may need replacing as well as the side valve (backwash, etc) which attaches to it. Pool lines and equipment piped with 1.5" lines with filter entrance from the side. The mix/diverter valve prior to the pump used to select from opposing skimmer and bottom drain also needs replacing. Finally a new solar cover but I may get that locally. I can't remember but I think the steps into the pool extend beyond the 36" length of the pool. It's located at the corner of the long and short pool dimension.
    1. (Absolutely) A new pump. I had poor backwash with the 3/4 hp and some have said a larger hp variable speed pump may be the way to go.
    2. (Absolutely) Mix/diverter valve prior to the pump used to select from opposing skimmer and bottom drain 1-1/2" lines.
    3. (Absolutely) Connections between 1 and 2.
    4. (Maybe) A side piped sand filter no smaller than a 24" but bigger is better since it would replace a 36" if I'm unsuccessful fixing it.
    5. (If New filter purchased) Side valve (backwash, etc) which attaches to any new filter purchased.
    6. (Maybe) A solar cover for main pool 18x36 and an additional bump out for steps at end of pool.
    7. I've seen some pool equipment vendors indicate their warranty on parts is void if not installed by an authorized installer. I'm pretty handy and this isn't rocket science so would appreciate if you would speak to your warranty if I find I've received a part which does not work or I'm unsatisfied with it's quality. Trying to get an authorized pool equipment installer for equipment I bought off the internet would probably be impossible this time of year.
    8. Looking for full cost including a quote on shipping and handling.
    9. I want quality and that's always difficult when I cannot see the equipment until it's delivered.
    10. I'm shifting from Baquacil to chlorine this year. I presume wintering over will mitigate and chemical interference but if I need take additional precautions before connecting new equipment, let me know.

    Ron Plaisted

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    Re: Pool equipment replacement advice needed

    I'll take the pump question. First, I would eliminate single-speed pumps from consideration. A 2-speed costs just slightly more than an equivalently-powered single speed and the 2-speed will save you considerably on the electric bill. Now to decide between a 2-speed or variable-speed pump...if the cost per kWh is less than $0.20, go with the 2-speed. Otherwise, go with the variable-speed.

    Keep in mind that bigger (more HP) is not better when it comes to pool pumps. A 3/4 HP pump should be fine for your pool, assuming you do not have any water features, an attached spa, or a pressure-side pool cleaner that runs off of the main pump. Please advise if your pool has any of these features. Also, read up on the Service Factor HP (SFHP) if you are not familiar with this term. The SFHP is the ultimate determinant of a pump's power output. As an example, a full rated 1 HP pump with a service factor of 1.5 would have a braking HP of 1.5 and would be identical to an "up-rated" 1.5 HP with a service factor of 1. This is one of the most confusing aspects of sizing a pump. Suggest browsing this article for more info: Pump Basics
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    Re: Pool equipment replacement advice needed

    I am of the opinion these days that most warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on, and just assume the risk for everything, and if something is defective out of the box contact customer service and hope they will do the right thing and cover it. As to pool equipment for the last few years I have been buying most of my replacement equipment from Ebay, there are some great deals to be found there, particularly in the off season, but some can be found year round. For example I just bought an Aquabot Turbo T robot cleaner off ebay last week (new, no box) for $650, this same model sells for $1198 from pool supply world mail order. My guess is this one came from a small pool store where it sat for some time on a display shelf given slight fading of the power cable on one side of the coil only. It is in my pool right now running nicely.
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