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Thread: Concrete Yellowing

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    Concrete Yellowing

    Wet look

    Dry Look

    This was under winter cover

    You cannot really notice it when the concrete is dry, but add water and it stands out. It bad by the deep end, and most areas around the pool dont have this, there are a couple of smaller spots around the side and a small one by the swallow end, nothing to bad.

    I was wondering what is causing this, and there a product to take care of this, it does not powerwash off.

    Looking for what this is. Conrete is on its 3rd year this summer. I noticed this when i lifted off the pool cover after winter.

    We use one clhorine puck and one bag s.w.a.t. once a week. from the (Cool Kit) .

    Half my skimmer lid is yellow the other half is white.

    Seems like it might be some type of metal from the water maybe???

    Do you think this will come off with some sort of stain removal?

    first id like someone to tell me what it is, and how to get rid of it.

    Thanks for replies so far !!

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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    It get's interesting, I've seen another thread posted couple weeks ago with yellow concrete stains under winter cover.
    I do not have concrete deck, but when I I took my winter cover off, I've noticed that my white skimmer covers (plastic, the same like your pictured above) got almost yellow color. It raised my brow, to some extend.
    However, since pool opening, that yellow color faded away, I believe sun just burned it out.
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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    I don't know what it is, but I have some too. Mine is at the one end where the automatic cover rolls into its cubby. Mine is 3 years old also, but I use a SWG/bleach in caring for my pool whereas you use the pool store products, so I can't see that being the reason?

    I dunno? <shrug> Clueless but curious Yippee
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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    Bumping for answers.

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    Re: Concrete Yellowing


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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    Zanmich, has it changed at all now that it's had a few days in the sun ??
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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    no. i tried some vit c tablet, it looks like it faded a bit. Its something from the water, its not the concrete.
    I used one puck in skimmer, and i shock with S.W.A.T, closed with half bottles of the closing materials.

    Just trying to figure this out, because this is not on GOOGLE.

    my pool guy emailed me back and said it looks like chlorine stain?

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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    Ya I was going to say chlorine stain too. I spilled some bleach on my patio a few weeks back and it looked like that.

    I wonder if the pool water condensed a bit with the cover on (with sun hitting it) then that chlorine moisture stained it.
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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    Can you clean a chlorine stain? what products should i try?

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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    Just had this year's water tested.

    This stain appeared on the decking after winter cover removal, nothing was spilled on decking, there a few smaller areas around the pool, spots, but the deep end
    has the biggest area because more water goes up on the decking.

    That said, no one knows what it is. The water tested is almost perfect ! had 4ppm chorline which is a tad high, but nothing is out of whack. The lady said for someone that doesnt test to often your water is near perfect.

    So what are the stains?? pool guy said, chlorine stains, pool lady says, no way, your chlorine is almost perfect, so last year the water was probally the same.

    Metal stains? I dont think it has to do with the concrete, but something that is depositing from the water. There is a spot i sit sometimes before I get in my chair and it has a stain there, so I believe its something from the water.

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    Re: Concrete Yellowing


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    Re: Concrete Yellowing


    It looks like you took a picture of our pool! I have the same type of stains under the winter cover. I have basically the same setup as you. Vinyl liner in-ground salt water pool. I was really hoping that somebody on here might have some insight as to what that could be. I have scrubbed around on mine with some muriatic acid in a small spot but no change except the concrete around the stain is clean. Hopefully someone might come across what this could be.
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    Re: Concrete Yellowing

    Has anyone figured this out yet ? It's driving me crazy , nothing will touch it, almost looks like cover leached onto my concrete

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