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Thread: Intex Ultra Frame 16x48

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    Intex Ultra Frame 16x48

    Hey everybody.

    Michael from Denmark here. Nice to find a place for all poolnerds......or poolnerd-wannabees like my self

    We have a forum in Denmark, but when you mention pools like Intex, they allmost wont help.....or reply in a bad tone.
    I have looked a lot in here already and its been really helpful.

    But still I have some questions, that i would be easier for me, if i could get all answers in the same thread

    First of all; I have the Intex Ultra Frame pool size 16x48. Last year I had a easy set 366cm, so this is kind of a big step up for us

    Its a little off. First we filled it with water on the grass, but had to wmpty it again, because in one corner it was off by 5". We dug all grass away and made the ground level and put som square aluminumplates under the feets, so they wont "dig" in the ground. It works brilliantly. The pool is still off, but at the max its around 2", and its just a few meters. So im quite satisfied. We only have the sun to heat it up, so its still quite cold

    With the pool, we got the 4500 liter pr. hour sand filter pump, which was great for us, because we had a bad filter pump last year. We were really impressed by the "inblow" power, so we were happy campers
    Then we bought the Intex pool cleaner, and realized that the pump wasn't strong enough. It practically didn't move on the bottom of the pool. I went online to read a lot about it, and it seemed like we had to buy a bigger pump. And so we did. I ordered the one that can do 10000 liters pr hour......and the one we recieved was the one that could run 12000 liter pr. hour. I did think it was a quite big tank, but i actually didn't realize it before I filled the tank with sand. I was supposed to put in 36 kilograms of sand in....but it kept running....up until 55 kilograms. Lets just say that the pool cleaner is running without problems now
    In the manual, it says that the 12000 liter pump isn't suitable with the 16x48 pool. To strong i guess?? They say the water flows to fast, to actually get it cleaned in the sand. What is your vision on this? I contacted Intex, and they told me that it should not be a problem at all.

    Besides the pump, I have the SWG. It seems to work fine, but i can see in the manual that it only produces 5g of chlorine every hour. It seems like it should run more than the manual says? Does anyone put other types of chlorine in the pool when they already have the SWG? Im thinking of the tablets floating in the mention one thing.
    One thing the Danish poolforum talks a lot about, is the cheap chlorine should be based on around 50% of CYA, and eventually there will be a chlorine-block in the pool. Then you will have to drain some water and refill it. Does the CYA goes up, when I use chlorine tablets?? Should i use them at all or just let the SWG take care of the chlorine business and just get some stabilizer to take care of the CYA??
    They also say that it has to be between 30 and 50.....but in here I can see that the level could be up to 70-80 when you use the SWG? Is that right??

    I can most likely find more questions, but this is okay for now

    I hope you can understand my semibad english

    (I edited a lot of that for ya'!)----woodyp

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    Re: Intex Ultra Frame 16x48

    Hi, welcome to TFP!
    Yes 70-80 is the correct CYA level for a saltwater pool. Yes, using dichlor or tricolor tabs will add CYA to your pool. High CYA does not cause chlorine lock or block. The problem with high CYA is that your chlorine level must rise in accordance with the rise in CYA level based on Chlorine CYA Chart. If you need to add more chlorine it is best to use liquid chlorine or bleach.

    Here are some intro Pool School articles to read in case you missed them.
    TFPC for Beginners
    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry

    Here is the Water Balance for SWCG pools.
    Here are the Recommended Pool Chemicals to maintain your pool.
    Use PoolMath to figure out how much to add.
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    Re: Intex Ultra Frame 16x48

    Thanks for the links and answers to some of my questions

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    Re: Intex Ultra Frame 16x48

    Getting away from tablets was the best thing I ever did. I would do as mentioned above and add liquid chlorine.

    From what I have read, the bigger the pump/filter the better. Your pump should be fine!

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