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Thread: New pool in Maryland

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    New pool in Maryland

    I've been a lurker here for about a month learning all kinds of stuff about pools.
    I waited until today to post because I didn't have a pool.
    Tuesday we settled on the new house with in-ground pool.
    We had a pool inspection, but the house was a foreclosure and the pool hasn't been taken care of in at least a year.
    It was built in 2005 and is a Concrete (gunnite?) pool (no-liner). We had a pool inspection done before the purchase and found out all the info in my sig line.
    The pool had been winterized (the pool inspector double checked it). The level has been dropped below the returns (the pump is below the grade of the pool, so water flows down to the pump). I beleive the pool was winterized for LAST winter, not this winter.
    The pool is covered, and is a swamp. Creatures are living in the pool (frogs, tadpoles, etc etc).

    Here is my question...
    If this was your situation, would you leave the pool alone until spring (which my sig indicates I'm leaning towards), or start treating it now so that the spring clean up won't be so bad?
    It seems to me that without the pump, I'd just be wasting any money (chemicals) I poured into it now.
    My wife has suggested draining it, pressure washing it, and refilling in the spring. I'm aware of the dangers of a pool floating, and I'm advising against it. (She is worried about the ick factor of things in the pool, and doesn't think we can get it clean without draining it).
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    Re: New pool in Maryland

    Hi, welcome, and congrats on the pool (and house!)

    You probably won't need to drain. Just about any problem can be fixed, even gross swampiness!!

    Others may have a different opinion, but since it is already covered, if you are SURE it is winterized (lines drained and antifreeze added) I would probably leave it. At most I would try to scoop out some of the muck now, but treating the water is WAY more easily done when you can use the equipment.

    Plus, leaving it all winter will give you time to go to Pool School and get really smart, so your opening will be a BREEZE!!!

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    Re: New pool in Maryland

    I agree with MQ. What ever "swimmies" are in the water should die over the winter months. Do tons of reading over the winter, ask your questions, take/make notes and you'll be all set for spring. As a Christmas gift to yourselves I would suggest spending the $$ and getting a reliable test kit ( see my sig)for next year and save yourself a great deal of aggravation Some use the Taylor test kit as well. Both are reliable but the TF100 is sold by one of our members here and the customer service is outstanding
    Don't have a pool right now. Just sharing what I have learned over the years!
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    Re: New pool in Maryland

    Nothing to add other than to say Welcome! and enjoy your new home and especially your new pool. Your in the right place!
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    Re: New pool in Maryland

    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    You've gotten good advice!
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