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Thread: The Circulator

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    The Circulator

    I just bought a little gizmo that claims to help make your pool 1500% more effective at removing debris. It claims that filter time can be cut in half and less chemicals will be needed to maintain pool water. It attaches to the return and rotates in a 360 degree motion forcing water down and to the sides of the pool. The website has a video demonstration and a ton of information. I am always looking for ways to increase water circulation so I was sold after watching the video.

    They do carry an adapter for Intex pools. The hardest part was taking the return apart and removing a basket from the inside. I also purchased the splash guard. The entire thing was about $50.

    Does anyone else have this device and is it worth it? Any pro's and con's on it's use?
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    Re: The Circulator

    I have not used one. Their demo video shows it adding a lot of air, so keep an eye on your pH. All that aeration could drive it up fairly quickly. As far as using less chemicals claim I doubt that is true. You could track you test results and see if anything changes over time and let us know if it works as the website claims.
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    Re: The Circulator

    Sound like a gimmic to me. If you adjust your return jet(s) properly, you should not have "chemicals lying dormant and useless on the bottom of your pool". I can see where this product can disrupt the circulation that pushes debri to your skimmer and cause ph problems because you are constantly aerating the pool.
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    Re: The Circulator

    I'm open minded, can you post the results when you get them?
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    Re: The Circulator

    Oh man, thanks for the heads up guys. I did not even think about the ph increasing. I have to say that it's a pretty powerful stream of water, but what the heck do I know? I'm definitely not an expert on this stuff! Thanks for the warning.
    20x45 in-ground 42k pool and spa built in 1989. Just moved into this home and am still in the learning phase of understanding equipment

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    Re: The Circulator

    Hi JenniferW,
    Thinking of getting one of these, how did it work for you?
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