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Thread: No air coming out of spa jets

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    No air coming out of spa jets

    I have an inground pool with an elevated spa that spill over into the pool. I just had it remoded and resurfaced with Wet Edge pebble (previously had plaster). I have always had air and bubbles coming out of the spa jets along with water. However after the remodel, only water is coming out; no air. I don't not have a blower. I only have an air intake pipe that worked fine before the remodel. I have looked for debris and haven't found any. I have also blown air down the air intake pipe with a shop vac and created air and bubbles in my spa. When I turn the shop vac off, the bubble disappear. The air intake pipe is right next to my spa. Nothing changes when I go between spa mode and have the water spill over into the pool. I also noticed there is no suction when I put my hand over the air intake pipe. When I look down the pipe I can see a little water. What could be cause the lack of air intake and what should I do?

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    Re: No air coming out of spa jets

    Basic physics has a venturi shaped like an hourglass and the air intake tees in at the skinny part. If the outlet isn't larger than the venturi portion, no suction, no air. Blowing down it doesn't indicate it's clear, only that it's not 100% closed off. As long as the outlet is at least as large as the narrow part, you'll still get strong water flow.

    In practical terms, there's probably a blob of plaster or mortar in the pipe somewhere. I'd see if I couldn't get the jets out of the spa and then run a plumbers snake through to loosen anything.
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