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Thread: Want to make sure I'm doing this right...

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    Want to make sure I'm doing this right...

    I've been coming to TFP for years, but this will be the first year to make the bleach jump. A little backstory, grew up with a 15' AGP, nothing fancy, that even as a teen I maintained. We've had a blow up ring intex for 4 years (gave to my brother, raccoon fought with the ring.. and won...), 18X48 blue metal frame intex that was put up for 10 summers! Last year upgraded to the Ultra frame 22X52 and I LOVE it! I've been reading multiple posts here since February and preparing myself. Our fill water (city) has iron in it. I usually get the mountain dew looking water shortly after adding chlorine. Have always used whatever floc the pool store recommend. Filter run 24/7 and it generally clears up within a week. My water stays sparkly for the month of June and part of July. By August, my CYA is through the roof and I get an algae bloom without fail!! I would love to have sparkly water all summer!! My pool is up and filled right past the intake port (have not gathered the courage to upgrade to in the wall skimmer...) My water is super clear, but has a yellowish tinge, as expected. I tested my own water and took sample to pool store today too, for comparative purposes and to test for metals. Results were pretty spot on... I will finish filling last 8 inches or so this evening once I get home from school. Filled to 90% capacity it holds 10,472 gallons.

    TC 0
    FC 0
    PH 7.6
    TA 70
    CYA 0

    tested positive for iron. I left the paper in the car, but it was a small number. We've had it turn deep brown in years past, but last year it was a light mountain dew color once chlorine was added.

    I just want to make sure I do exactly the right things from this point forward. I've bought several gallons of bleach and I have a bottle of HTH stabilizer (96%) at home.

    Any advice for this newbie making the TFPC jump?

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    Re: Want to make sure I'm doing this right...

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    It sounds like you have in the past gotten the iron to filter out. That is not always the case. You may want to consider some sequestrant to avoid metal staining:

    Beyond that you should put 2ppm of FC in the water ASAP and get the CYA dissolving in a sock in the skimmer targeting about 30ppm. Use PoolMath for the calculations.

    Once the CYA is dissolving, maintain the FC above the minimum listed in the FC/CYA Chart at all times.

    You pH and TA are just fine.
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    Re: Want to make sure I'm doing this right...

    +1 What jblizzle said.
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