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Thread: How big a hole in your liner can safely be patched?

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    How big a hole in your liner can safely be patched?

    Short story:
    I have an ~3" hole in the side of my pool. Can I reliably patch a hole that size in the liner or would it require a new liner?

    Long story:
    Last year I had posted that the Hayward Elite light that was installed with our pool had developed a small leak. I was told it was likely the gaskets that were failing, but since it was the middle of the season, and it wasn't a big leak, I decided to leave it as I didn't want to drain the pool. Well before I set the pool up this year I drained enough extra water that I could take the light out. At first I was confused as the gaskets looked in great shape, then I noticed that there was a crack in the lens along a scheme so that I couldn't see it while it was in the pool. I've dome some looking and it looks like a new lens is going to cost much more to fix than just a couple gaskets (minimum $100 here in Canada if not more). So this leaves two options, fix the light or remove the light and patch the hole. We don't use the light much, and I'm going to be spending hundreds of dollars every few years just to keep it going, I think I might be better off getting rid of it. I know I can fix the wall by pop riveting a new piece of metal in place, but I'm more worried about the hole in the liner. Can I reliably patch a hole ~3" in diameter or would it require a new liner?
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    Re: How big a hole in your liner can safely be patched?

    You forgot your third option, and the cheapest............leave the light installed and just fix the crack in it. Take the lens off and coat the inside with silicone, it will seal it. Then on the outside of the lens, drip some Crazy Glue into it. That will seal the crack from the outside. Just disconnect the power from it so it does not function anymore. After a while you will not even notice it.
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