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Thread: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

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    Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    It's funny I seldom come to this site now, but when I first started with a used pool at the house we bought I was here several times a day.
    I just opened my pool and knock on wood, everything looks pretty good.

    I just wanted to say thanks again to TFP, and all the people in these forums who helped me achieve advanced amateur status.

    to any newbies reading - be patient, (search the forum for POP), and rest assured you found the right group of people to help you get your pool under control.
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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    Welcome back, and thank you!
    Divin Dave,
    IG Vinyl, 15' x 30', 3 1/2' - 6' deep, Oval, ~15K gal, Intelliclor IC40, Intelliflo VS pump, Clean and Clear 420 Filter, auto-fill-disabled, Retrofit LED Color Light, Dolphin Nautilus Robot, TF100 Test Kit, Taylor K1766 Salt Test Kit, Tftestkit Pressure Gauge. Experience- it's what's learned just after you needed it most !!

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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    Stop in any time!
    16x32x52" Steel Cornelius Miramar AGP Vinyl liner 13,100 gal. Buried 2 ft.
    2 Speed Hayward Power-Flo Matrix 85 g.p.m. 22" 250lb. sand filter hard plumbed
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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    Stick around and help others. I'm sure you can help answer questions.

    Thanks for,the kind words.
    TFP Moderator

    Trouble Free Pool is a free resource. The people who answer questions are volunteers. If you find the site to be a good resource, please consider making a donation to help support the site. Thanks.

    Support the site

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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    Yes, thanks for the good word about the forum and members!
    TFP Moderator
    Essential Links:
    ABC's Of Pool Chemistry, Test Kits, SLAM Your Pool
    28K Gal IG FreeForm, CLI Quartz, Pentair 36"SF & VS Pump, Dolphin M5, Rheem

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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    I can repeat the OP words as my own.

    I joined here in, 2012 I think with just an Intex pool? Read several times a day. From day 1 I could as someone stated in another thread toss a quarter down on the bottom and tell if it was heads or tails and read the date.

    I blew up my SWG with an electrical problem in the garage last year and with temps all summer in the 70's and water temps in the low 70's, no activity made me lazy and I would start to get algae not keeping up with the bleach. 2 or 3 times I had to do an elevated FC level for a day or 2 and clear it.

    I don't have a cover on the pool for winter. I have more important things to spend money on. Thus, when spring hits, my pool looks like the local pond, as it does right now. I've done 2 springs and this will be the 3rd. If history repeats from the previous 2 years, my wife is bringing the water level up to the filter inlet today and I will be able to read the date on a quarter by the end of the week.

    The bleach is a bit of a PITA doing it every day. Last year I was lazy as I said after blowing up the SWG. New Intex SWG is getting purchased next week. SWG is the way to go, the first 2 years I never did anything to the pool other than testing levels after erecting in 2012 and first spring open in 2013 and initially balancing the water.

    This site is a goldmine of information. I may have not come here often any more, but it has help more than I could ever hope.

    22' round Intex UltraFrame pool, Intex 633T 2500gph paper cartridge filter/pump
    with broken Intex SWG, using bleach this year
    TF-100 test kit

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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    Ditto what the OP said. I was a lurker for a long time and learned a ton...this site has been invaluable to me throughout the years!!

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    Re: Thanks again, and encouragement for newbies.

    Now that you know how, you must pay it back and answer questions. This week in particular is going to get crazy.
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
    Troublefree does not mean Maintenancefree. It's like brushing your teeth: You can spend a couple minutes a day and pennies a week or go to the dentist once a year and spend several thousand dollars.
    A pool is like a pet - you have to feed it every day, even the days you don't want to play with it!

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