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Thread: Combined Chlorine question

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    Combined Chlorine question

    So I've read so many posts already about this problem but still not entirely clear on it. I'm using a Taylor test kit from Leslie's and the DPD reagent tests showed significant CC so I shocked using potassium peroxymonosulfate and ran with cover off during a sunny day. FC DROPPED FROM 3-6 to 0.5, but the CC test was still at about 10 PPM. I read in one post that my use of non chlorine shock might "register" as CC in the testing, so if that's all that's happening I'm fine with it.

    My first attempt a few months ago at "super chlorination" was an abject disaster that led me to drain the 450 gallon spa and start over, but I am really interested in learning how to make this spa set properly using 7.86 bleach I also had to put in 1/4 cup muriatic acid to get the Ph down to 7.5 in this process (down from 8.2+) and I keep struggling with rising Ph numbers pretty much each day.

    At present my FC is at 1-2, but my CC is testing at brighter than my 5-10 scale shows on the kit, so something is going on. Ph is climbing back toward 7.8 as well, so any suggestions would be appreciated. My test kit doesn't allow for testing CYA but a "test strip" showed values of below 40 CYA. NOt sure that's reliable since it also showed low Ph and 0.5 FC, though.

    TL DR: can't tell if my very high CC reading in spa is just potassium peroxymonosulfate or if not how to solve my CC PROBLEM

    If my signature isn't below I still have to figure out that also but it's my first post
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    Re: Combined Chlorine question

    Welcome. Someone should be along shortly to answer your question.
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    Re: Combined Chlorine question

    MPS reads falsely as CC. Taylor sells a special reagent for it.
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