Hello all,

I have an inground pool, fiberglass,, 3' to 8', 32 feet long.

Last summer I noticed that I was loosing water ( 2" / week ), as it was the end of summer I just filled it back up and kept using the pool.

I had the pool guy look things over, plumbing did not seem to be the problem, but he was trying to sell me a new liner. Now I know the liner is faded and has some crinkles, but appears to be holding up ok.

I asked if he was sure the liner was the issue and if he could guarantee the water would stop, he said no, but it is the first place to start.

I decided not to replace the liner.

After that summer, I let the water keep leaking and wanted to see where it stopped.

I finally stopped about an inch below the light fixture, which is also right about the same level as the bottom of the steps.

Right now, the water is still right around that level, so neither the light nor the steps are under water.

I am going to pull the light fixture and make sure the wiring is still secure and put some Mr. Sticky's on where the power enters the light box.

My question is: Is there something of a silicone or adhesive I can use to go around the steps ( where the steps meet the liner ) just a precaution before fill the pool and prep it for opening? I'm hoping for something like a tube of silicone one could put in a caulking gun as the means of application.

The Mr. Sticky's I have is only about 5oz , so it would take alot of that plus mixing to do the steps.

Thanks in advanced !