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Thread: Help! Staining Issues!

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    Help! Staining Issues!

    First of all, Iím so appreciative of a forum to run to! Thank you! Iím very much a novice at pools. Hereís the scoop, and Iíll try to give a simple play by play which leads me to where we are today.

    We bought our new home in the winter. We were told that the pool hadnít been opened in over two years. The pool is approximately 8.6k gallons, in-ground, fiberglass, salt water system.

    About two weeks ago, opened to an almost black pool. Could only see about 4-6 inches deep under the surface. This wasnít surprising after the info we had been told. I didnít bother with a sample, and went to Leslieís and described what we were facing. I was advised to throw in 4lbs of shock, and filter and ďI should be goodĒ. The next 24-48 hours showed almost no signs of improvement. I consulted the inspector that inspected the pool when we bought the house. He advised me to Floc and vacuum to waste drain. I did this, and it was a drastic improvement. Flipped on the pump and hoped for the best.

    I took a sample to Leslieís, and they tested levels. He told me I needed 4 more pounds of shock, 5 bags of salt, and a bottle of PhosFree. I held off on the salt as I had some at home. I shocked the pool, and it gradually turned orange/brown.

    Long story short here: I had since opened the lines to the heater, and was later told that metals from the heater had circulated into the pool and the shock had oxidized the metals. I took a sample back to Leslieís and he said there was copper in the pool. I bought MetalFree, and dumped it in the pool.

    No changes after putting in the metal free, I still had a orange pool. I went to another pool store, and that was when the bad filter was diagnosed. I knew it was probably bad, I just didnít know how bad. I came home, sprayed down the filter, and then added in a filteraid I bought from the second pool store. The next day there was a drastic improvement.

    We were still having discoloration issues, but the water was very clear. The second pool store said staining was likely from my pictures I had taken them. They sold me yet another product for staining after doing a vitamin C test. All levels they checked were good. The bottle of stain remover literally did almost nothing, so I asked if I could just crush up Vitamin C tablets to save money, and they said that would work. That was the best that the pool ever looked, areas of the poolís fiberglass were gleaming white, water was clear, we swam and had a blast. The next day I added all the salt into the pool.

    A few days later, the water began turning back to a green hue. We also noticed that the pool was ďrestainingĒ worse than it was before, especially where I had taken Vitamin C tablets to tougher areas - they are now stained worse!

    I talked to the guy that inspected the pool when we were buying the house, he advised me to get a 7lb bag of baking soda and circulate, and get my own testing supplies, and worry more about pH than anything. He also advised to put some algaecide in as well.

    Thatís where we are today - Iím really frustrated. The pool is covered in the home warranty, but I donít know if ďstainingĒ will be covered. The salt cell was checked and in working order, and I had some chlorine tabs in the skimmer basket also to help bring up the levels when I added salt. Theyíve been gone for a few days.


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    Re: Help! Staining Issues!

    You have several problems going at the same time and it appears all the pool stores want to,do,is guess and sell you stuff.

    The inspector gave great advice, get your own test kit. You need a TF100 kit with the XL option because you will be doing a lot of testing.

    You will.also need to deal with the metals. What is your water source, because the only way to get rid of them will be water replacement. You can do an ascorbic acid treatment to got the metals off the pool surfaces and back in solution in the water. Then you can add a sequester ant to keep it off the surfaces. The problem with sequesterants is that they break down and need to be added on a regular basis. See this article

    But, you also,have water quality issues and need to get the test kit so,we can see what is going on.
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    Re: Help! Staining Issues!

    Wanted to bump this up. I agree with Tim.
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