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Thread: Cover Free product

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    Cover Free product

    Anyone have experience with this product?
    "Cover Free's patent pending advanced mono-layer technology offers users the ability to save water and money by decreasing evaporation. A mono-layer (one molecule thick) is formed on the water surface, while surface tension allows it to remain in place or reform during swimming. COVERfree saves you money by reducing water evaporation by up to 85% and water heat loss by up to 70%!"
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    Re: Cover Free product

    Many discussions about these chemical solar covers if you search the forum. General consensus is they do not work if there is any kind of breeze.
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    Re: Cover Free product

    Rules me out.
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    Re: Cover Free product

    I have used it and found minimal if any difference at all although my wife is confident water loss (evaporation) is better. However, I dont believe she took into consideration day/night temperatures, sun, kids splashing etc during periods of Cover Free vs no Cover Free.

    I saw a simulation by some sales guy once that used a pot of coffee. The results were dramatic. However, it was a closed environment ( a small coffee pot) with no wind, no ripples on the surface, no sun beating down, etc.

    I will give it some credit after the coffee pot display, but in order to keep my simmer working nicely there needs to be some ripples on the surface to keep things moving. I cannot see how a micro film can stay together on the service when there is any movement.
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    Re: Cover Free product

    ^it doesn't very well That said I've had limited success with cover free in moderately reducing my evaporation level even though I filter my pool 24/7 due to a high debris load from the woods and a desire to collect said debris in the pool skim or skimmer.

    Here's how to tell that it actually does something: heat your pool to 90. Get up early and watch the fog rolling off the pool as I am right now. Add the CoverFree that you ran out of last week so didn't add. Sit and look at the water 10- 20 min. later. You will see the fog reduce dramatically, with a much smaller amount coming only from the areas in front of the returns...until you turn on the robot or swim

    As soon as I dive in this morning (which is imminent) sheets of fog will roll off, as its a cool morning. But at night, when no ones using the pool and even with the filter on it will hold down the evaporation somewhat...but not likely 70 percent...I do think 70% is achievable with the filter off at night.

    I also know, albeit empirically, that rain notwithstanding, I lost more water from evaporation this week without it Again, to observe it, just watch a pool in the rain that's using CoverFree...the raindrop breaks the surface, the steam rises in that spot
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