I am in the process of having my pool remodeled. I have a planter wall along the back of my pool. This wall has a 24inch Polaris fiberfall waterfall on the left and another on the right. In the center there is a matching 48in fiber fall.

To make a long story short my PB sent someone out with no supervision and when they demoed all the tile off the back wall they completely destroyed the waterfall on the right - smashing it to smithereens with a ball peen hammer.

At the time we were told getting another one would be no problem. Now over a month later and after a couple of failed attempts to find a matching unit our builder has admitted he cannot get a match. The company was bought out or sold to Zodiac which now makes the fiber fall. PB has explained that he can replace the waterfall with one of these new waterfalls but he cannot guarantee that the light will look the same as it would be a newer model i.e. the new one may be brighter.

Our only other option is to replace the other 2 water falls in addition to the one he is replacing - at our expense. This would mean more money, more time and destroying all the new finish work that has been put in around these 2 waterfalls. So here's the question, I am thinking of telling him to just use the new model of the fiber fall. Do you think this will be a problem? How much brighter could it be, or different could it look? My line of thinking on this is that all 3 waterfalls are using the same light source and they are all running off the same cable, whatever light passes though that cable all the light there is. These cables plug right into the side of the waterfall where the light passes through the clear plastic housing surrounding the exiting water. The original waterfalls were installed in 2004 - what sort of improvements have been made to the notch were the cable plugs into the waterfall to disperse the light in the last 10 years? I can't image too much has changed.

Please tell me I am over-thinking this and the new model should be fine If we end up with 2 dimm barley visible lights on the left and center with one on the right that looks like a runway landing strip we will be furious - especially after spending 20k