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Thread: Going to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

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    Cool Going to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    This pool is so frustrating I'm tempted to make a volleyball court out of it by filling it with sand.
    It originally had a sand filter but had never worked properly (the barracuda would never get out of the deep end)
    I replaced the sand filter with a hayward c800 cartridge filter and a new hayward 1.5 h/p pump pump a couple years ago (thought bigger was better) also replaced the barracuda with a different brand pool cleaner (cant remember brand). Pretty much the same results with the cleaner, it gets to the transition from the deep/shallow end and just cant seem to get up the incline and then just pretty much stays in the deep end.
    I have cleaned the filters and even replaced filters with OEM hayward filters.
    Additionally, when i first clean the filter and start the pump the circulation is very strong but dies out within a hour or so to a slow dribble with minimal debris in the filter. If i leave the filter out of the canister the circulation stays strong throughout but I obviously have no filtration.
    Fast forward to present day, the 1.5 h/p pump died my local pool store said the 1.5 h/p was causing the problem since it produced too much gpm for the c800 filter. I bought a 3/4 h/p pump on their recommendation but I still get the loss of strong circulation after a short time.
    They say they will come out & look at it for a charge of course (Im sure they will recommend a new bigger filter) if that doesnt solve the problem they have already told me they would have to charge me to come back out and further diagnose the problem.

    I'm not in a position to just change out parts till they come up with a solution & be charged every time they come out.
    I have no problem changing the filter size but dont want to if that's not the problem. Any suggestions on correct filter size or other thoughts etc would be appreciated.
    the pool is approx 13000 gallons if my math is right.

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    Re: Gonig to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    Welcome to TFP!

    What does your water look like?

    If the circulation slows down quickly it almost always means there is lots of dirt or algae in the water, and the filter catches it very effectively until it needs to be cleaned, at which point the flow rate slows down until you clean the filter. If you kill any algae and clean the filter and repeat the water should clear up and the amount of time the filter can go will slowly increase until finally everything is clean and you can go weeks without cleaning the filter.

    Pool cleaners getting stuck in the deep end is a fairly common problem, and does not indicate a problem with the other equipment.
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    Re: Gonig to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help


    It sounds like your filter is doing what it's supposed to do - catch microscopic particles. The problem is probably that you keep growing more particles so the filter never gets all of them. How that happens is algae.

    Odds are, you've been getting your testing and advice from the pool store, and it ain't cutting it. Try our way and you'll kill all the algae and it will never return and you can have the clearest sparkliest water you could imagine despite only running the filter 4 or 5 hours a day. I'm talking toss a quarter in the deep end and call heads or tails from the deck clear.

    Firs you need water test results you can trust because you did the test yourself. And that means a proper test kit. There's a lengthy article in pool school explaining the pros and cons of the best of the bunch, or you can skip it and head straight for and get a TF100. I suggest the XL option now, since that reagent is next to impossible to find refills for in stores.

    Then do a bit of reading in Pool School. The ABCs is a good place to start. Also recommended is Pool Chemicals and Poolmath and TFPC

    Not sure what the going price of sand or fill dirt is where you are, but 13000 gallons is about 65 cubic yards. Even at $20/yd that's an expensive fill-in.
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    Re: Gonig to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    May I ask what your filter pressure is after cleaning and later when the flow drops?

    It sounds like you don't have a test kit and as Richard said, you should order one ASAP, but regardless of the kit, what does the water look like? Is it clear, as in reading a coin at the bottom, or cloudy. Is the color blue or green? Are there visible particles in the pool? Is it sparkly or dull looking?

    Anyway, don't lose faith. Richard and numerous other people here have a lot of experience and will help you get your pool back into shape.
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    Re: Gonig to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    Like the others have said, it sounds like you have an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.
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    Re: Gonig to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    Welcome to TFP.

    My money is on algae in the pool clogging the filter, CYA is too high and chlorine is too low for the CYA level.

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    Re: Going to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    Cankerman, welcome to TFP.
    I hate to see someone hate their pool when I love mine so much.
    But if you truly don't use/enjoy it, there are options that are more temporary than in-filling in case you ever change your mind and want to renovate your pool, I looked into it for a very elderly relative. Its called Deckover:

    However, a little more info might help us give you better guidance in getting you pool sorted and "trouble free" if in fact youd rather jst enjoy it without hassle. Can you put your pool details in your signature (approx use, finish, age, equipment brands etc.)

    Then we'd have somewhere to start from.

    It would also help to know a few other things:
    1. How many hours a day do you run your filter
    2. How do you sanitize your pool
    3. What is your CYA reading (do you have a good test kit?)
    4. What does your water look like right now
    5. When was your plumbing done and what was wrong with the sand filter exactly?

    Lastly, I ave a 9' deep diving well in a grecian style pool that is pretty much all slope. Last year I bought a Dolphin M4 Supreme and it has NO difficulty whatsoever climbing the slope, or the walls.

    If you just want a set up that works, and you want to try a Dolphin, ask the pool co. If they'll let you "try it before you buy it" -- that's what I was able to do

    I hope we can help get you sorted. I'm sorry you're having such a frustrating time. There are posters here though who will be able to help you with equipment recommendations once the can get a feel for your setup.

    Pictures would be great too -- eg. How far is the equipment pad from the pool, etc.
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    Re: Going to fiill pool in with Dirt..Need Help

    Nothing wrong with your equpment. Its the water.

    Keeping a pool crystal clear is not difficult, and its not expensive, you just need to know how... and you came to the right place to learn that.
    Divin Dave,
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