Almost at our 3rd year with first pool/spa.

Last night was first time in the spa since last year. When the water got heated, I turned it off via poolside control. The heater went off, but there was cold water shooting in from the jets. It got cold real fast. I'm thinking the waterfall started too. I don't remember that happening last year. I'm pretty sure I forgot to do something, but I'm not sure. Seems like last year when I turned off the spa, it just got quiet. Seems like it was temp controlled too, once it got to a certain temp, it shut off, and would come back on. This one is on pure lobster boil. I can get hot flashes all by myself thank you! LOL!

My Mastertemp had gone out and the service man repaired it yesterday. He told he all I had to do was "put it in Spa mode." I nodded because I thought I knew what that was. Apparently not. I thought that was the button on the poolside control. I am going through these Pentair books, and they are obviously not for DIY's (maybe on purpose.?)

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.