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Thread: vinyl pool reconstruction, filling up the deep end, new vinyl liner installation

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    vinyl pool reconstruction, filling up the deep end, new vinyl liner installation

    Hello Guys,
    I am new to the forum. My name is Vlad. I have a vinyl, in-ground pool in my backyard. The size is 16x32 and it has a grecian shape. For the time I lived in the house, the liner has been replaced once. It was replaced on the second year after I bought the house. It was about 8 yrs old and started tearing and cracking. I remember how two women, yes 2 women came and took the measure and than about a week later they came with the new liner and installed it. I am a pretty handy man. I did all reconstruction and remodeling at home so I think I am capable of replacing the vinyl myself. OK that sounds good. Now it came time to replace the vinyl again. It's been another 8 yrs. since the last install. Vinyl is tearing and leaking again.So I think this time I will try replace it myself. Meanwhile I discovered that I have some really rusty spots on my metal walls. The pool is still functioning, but when I push with a finger against the wall I feel like there is almost nothing left from the metal behind the vinyl liner. So I have to repair or replace the rusted/ rotten metal plate. Any ideas how to do that. I am thinking of painting the affected area with this automotive rust removers which converts the rust into polymer coat? What are your thoughts? After that I think to cover the affected area with pieces of galvanized sheet metal and use aluminum rivets to mount it over.
    Along the many thoughts I had about this coming project I was thinking. My deep end is about 8 or 9 ft deep. Nobody uses this to dive or swim in deep water. Also about 2 years ago I had my bottom drain pipe cracked and just stopped using the bottom drain. I plugged it. So my idea is to fill the deep end of the pool with dirt or something else and while doing that I can install a new bottom drain with new piping. Reducing the volume of the pool will only benefit me with using less chemicals, less time to heat up the pool(i have a pool heater). It will lower my gas and electric bill and in reality will not change anything else. Just less water and easier maintenance. What are your thoughts about this?
    What I should use to fill the deep end with? How to smoothen the new bottom and install new drain? Any ideas and advises will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    Re: vinyl pool reconstruction, filling up the deep end, new vinyl liner installation

    Hope it worked

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