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Thread: 1st Time Closing Questions in GA

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    1st Time Closing Questions in GA

    Hey all. This is my first closing. I live in Atlanta, GA, so I decided that I don't need to close the pool, due to minimal freezing temps here. (Would appreciate others advice or experience with closings in this area of the country though)

    Anyways, I have read that I can leave the pool as is and just reduce the pump time down to a couple hours a day and keep adding bleach as usual until the water temps reach 50 or so and then can even cut back further on pump time and basically stop adding bleach. Also, make sure the pump runs during freezing temps.

    Does all this sound right?

    My main question is in regards to water level. This summer, I was out in a rain storm backwashing water out of the pool, b/c the level got too high and was overflowing the skimmer box. It sucked to say the least and I would hate to have to do the same thing in the winter time b/c of rain and/or have to top off the pool b/c of lack of rain. So if I wanted to bring the level down below the skimmer intake and maintain that all winter long, what would I need to do?

    Am I essentially closing the pool and need to treat with chemicals as such? I'm not covering the pool this winter and we have few if any freezing/below freezing nights, so I'm not sure which way would be best.

    I appreciate any and all info and advice.

    Doughboy 16' x 24' AGP, 9200g, Hayward 1 1/2 HP pump and Sand Filter. Sparkling water due to BBB method.
    Leisure Time Spa, Salida G-3, 275g. Also clear and clean due to BBB.

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    Re: 1st Time Closing Questions in GA

    Hi Im in Atlanta also
    Had the pool for 20+ years and left it uncovered and running 1 year.
    Never did it again mainly because you'll have to mess with it all winter.
    Vacume;Pump out excess water when it rains keep the pump running because exposed pipes will freeze
    here if left idle and it does get pretty cold sometimes and if the power goes out the pump stops.
    I balance the water super chlorinate 12-14ppm and clean the pool real good
    I drain all the exposed plumbing
    I drop the level down so the skimer is dry and cover the pool using one that does not allow water
    to go into the pool. Then it sclosed and hibernating dont need top mess with it
    You have to keep the cover pumped off but can do this with an
    cover pump.

    Works for me and when I open in the spring its usually quick duty to get back in balance
    Its just cold!!
    Thanks! ZephanS
    AG 12'x24'x54" "Diamond Star" (wilbar) bought 2007 from as kit with waterco 2hp (max) pump (too big+noisy) & WaterCo T450 150lb sand filter (filled w/ 75lbs zeobrite). Pool installed 2007. 160 sq ft solar array installed (2009) on custom metal deck roof (2008). Purchase, Site prep, & installation 100% DYI thanks to PF and TFP. Wrap-around deck, small swg, electrical upgrade, and 8' water slide still pending install.

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    Re: 1st Time Closing Questions in GA

    I'm not sure if your pool is above ground or inground. Mine is inground.

    Here in north Texas, we freeze fairly frequently in the winter and it isn't uncommon to spend several nights in the lower 20's. The key to freeze protection with me is the freeze guard. I have it set to turn the pump on when the temperature hits 35 degrees. This protects the exposed pipes and stuff.

    I don't close in the winter. Once the water temp gets to around 55, my chlorine consumption is virtually nil. I will still leave the pump set to run about 6 hours a day to keep the leaves under control via the skimmers and Baracuda (wax myrtles over the pool). Once the water gets to 50 and below, my pH and chlorine remain pretty much unchanged but I still run tests every couple of weeks just to be sure. I make sure that my FC is at target level based on my CYA and just make sure it stays that way. I don't superchlorinate unless it is indicated and since I have been doing BBB, I have never, not once, had to shock.

    My 2 cents.


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    Re: 1st Time Closing Questions in GA

    I do see that you have an AGP. However, I would think that with BBB, water balance would not be any more of an issue than with anything else. Simply having a Freeze Guard installed and set to turn your pump on at an appropriate temperature may be all you really need to be safe. Those with AGPs may be able to chime in and add some additional advice here.

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