I just replaced my Jandy RS4 with a new iAqualink IQ20-RS and life is GREAT! I mainly got it to control my new IntelliFloVS. But besides the beauty of controlling everything with my existing Jandy controllers I now can do it from any computer or my smartphone. A great byproduct of this upgrade is that I now also have 4 additional AUX relay connections available to do more automation.

When I currently run my spa, I have to control the amount of air in the flow by placing or removing two 1.5" caps on the air intake lines for the spa. Rather inconvenient when I have to get out of the spa and go back to the pump area to do this. So I'm thinking about just putting a "T" connection and a valve that I can control with an AUX relay connection. My initial thought was to get a regular water valve along with a JVA to open or close it to air intake. But besides being expensive, I don't have any more JVAs to assign (already use 4).

SO, I could get a Zodiac Aux JVA relay board 5254 for $100, and a JVA motor for $150, and a valve for $50 and come up with a $300+ solution. OUCH.
Or does anyone know where I can get a 12v air solenoid that I could use to do this? Although it's not for very high pressure, I've only seen up to 3/4" units and I don't know if they would allow enough air to be drawn through the pipes. Or are there any other ideas out there?