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Thread: Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

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    Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

    Okay, NOOB here. lol. The past three years we have had a Summer Escape pool from walmart. We never set them up right and just take them down at the end of the year. This year I'm going to drop some change on a 22ft Intex. We want to do it RIGHT this time and leave it up with a deck and all. I've been reading on here in terms of setup, and have found all kinds of info, but I'm OVERWHELMED. I've seen leveling, and pads put down, I"ve seen decks being built. I've seen that you have to put bricks or pavers under each leg and I've seen where others don't do that. I've seen where people build pvc fountains, is that looks or a certain reason? I don't know what to do! Last year we also bought the Krystal clear salt water and sand filter system, so we'll be using that again this year. But I desperately need help.

    Tell me your setup from beginning and pics. Step by step. What to do what not to do, what works what doesn't, need padding under it or not? HELP PLEASE!! We want to get it right!



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    Re: Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

    Welcome Book03, read around the forums or do a search on Intex here on the forum and you will find some great articles telling you how its done.

    Look up my name and check out my intex vs polygroup article and you will get an idea of the work involved.

    The most important part of the install is the foundation and making sure it is level, not kinda level, but dead on level, pavers under the support legs will have to be dug down and leveled as well. Dont skip on this part, I used "crusher run with fines" its similar to a roadbase material, it compacts well and is available delivered from most landscape companies for around $200 for 4 cubic yards, you may need a bit more, it compacts like concrete.

    Throw a gorilla pad and some pink insulation over that for a comfy pool bottom and then setup your pool. DO NOT USE SAND!

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

    The PVC fountains are used to help with adjusting TA, but there are plenty of ways to adjust TA without a fountain so you don't need a fountain as such - think of it as an enhancement not a necessity
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    Re: Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

    Here is the biggest list of intex links I have ever seen.
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    Re: Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

    #1 most important step is levelling. It has to be level. Always dig down to level. Don't try to build up a low area.

    I didn't know about this forum when I first set up my pool so I didn't even think about padding underneath. I leveled the dirt then used some sand to hopefully make it smoother.

    If I had it to do over again I'd research the padding options and definitely go with one.
    Over the years the sand shifts and there are a lot of dimples and bumps on the bottom. Not a really big deal for me but it makes a lot of places for dirt to settle into.

    I'd love it if it were smooth and padded! (but I'm definitely not taking it down to change anything now!)
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    Re: Setting up a new Intex pool HELP!

    You will see that there are many opinions on the proper base, what to use, what not to use, but in the end its all to each own preference.
    use sand, don't use sand, use crushed something, don't use crushed something, etc.....

    The one thing they all have in common regardless is making sure the ground is level.......that indeed is the biggest obstacle for sure, the rest is all just ones personal preference.
    I think everyone could agree that level ground, a good ground covering, and a stable base.

    Keep reading through and searching posts, there is lots of info to be found, and I am sure you will find a solution that works for you.
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